About me

This is me.

I am 9 turning 10. I go to P.R.E. I love my teacher Mrs. Minton, she is awesome and my class mates are really great. Some things you should know is that I love horses. They are such an amazing animal. I like any type of chocolate. I have a dog named Chloe and she is a Shih Tzu poodle.


1. To do better in spelling.

2. Be responsible and bring home stuff I need.


I like to draw and I want to be either an artist or a horseback riding trainer. At home I have a drawing desk. I also like Lego's and have lots of sets. In band I am going to play the flute.

Favorite animals

A little more info


I have 7 people in my family. My mom is the oldest then my dad. Then there is Audrey. She is 12. After me is C.J. he is 6. The 6th person in the family is Grace who is 5 years old. And at the end of the line is Olivia who is 3.