Weekly Update

Owl #32


This week we will be administering the year-end iReady assessments in both mathematics and English language arts. Please encourage your kiddo to work hard and to put forth his or her best effort. Like MCAS, this should be a stress-free event. We'll do everything on our end to ensure that it is just that.

Student iPads

Student iPads will be collected on June 16th. Please send in the charging brick and charging cord. The students' iPads will be updated and redistributed to their fifth-grade homerooms at the start of the next school year.

This Week's Schedule & Our Specialist Schedule

This week's schedule reflects a typical five-day week.

Tuesday - Technology

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Music

Friday - Gym

Field Day, Fourth Grade Celebration, and Move Up to Miscoe

Our students will enjoy "Move Up" day on June 10th. The students will be boarding buses to Miscoe at 9:30. A permission slip will be coming home soon.

The fourth-grade celebration and field day will be held on June 15th. The day will include field day, pizza for lunch, a visit from the ice cream truck, viewing of the fourth-grade slideshow in homerooms, and the distribution of certificates.

We are truly grateful to the Clough PTO and Mrs. Gallagher for all they are doing to ensure that our fourth-graders have a lovely send-off filled with fun and lots of memory-making.

Please support Ethan Schulte's Eagle Scout Project!

Good morning,

My name is Ethan Schulte. I am an Eagle Scout candidate with Troop 44 in Mendon, MA. I have been involved in scouting since 2012. For my Eagle Scout Service Project, I have chosen to lead a donation drive for Veterans Inc., a homeless shelter for veterans in Worcester, MA. As the son of an active duty Coast Guardsmen, this service project is near and dear to my heart. I am extremely proud of my father. He is my hero. He will be retiring this July after 23 plus years of service. My grandfathers and great grandfathers have also served our country in the Army, Air-force, Navy, and the Marine Corp. I am very happy and honored to be coordinating a community event to help those in need who have served and sacrificed for you and me. The box will be placed outside the Clough School entrance. The collection drive will run from June 2 through June 16.

At this time, the shelter’s greatest needs are:


- Pillows

- Pillow covers and bedsheets

- Blankets

- Toilet paper

- Toothpaste

- Toothbrushes

- Chapstick

- Deodorant

- Men’s Underwear (any size)

- Men’s Socks (any size)

- Masks

- Hand Sanitizer

- Non-perishable foods (granola bars)

- Bottled Water

Gently Used:

- Blankets (any size)

On behalf of Veterans Inc. and Mendon Troop 44, any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Yours in Scouting,

Ethan Schulte

Packing for Hogwarts

Now that we have returned to full in-person learning some of your students' school supplies should be returned to school by now.

Should be returned by now...

  • the hard-covered Wonders anthology (This is IMPORTANT to return!)
  • the Wonders workbook
  • their composition notebooks
  • their three-ring Hogwarts binder
  • folders purchased for school
  • the clipboard

To be sent in daily...

  • A fully charged iPad
  • The green Clough folder
  • A spare mask in a ziplock bag
  • Snack for the afternoon and a water bottle

To be kept at home...

  • The whiteboard. We have a set in class. Leave the whiteboard at home "just in case".
  • Any old GoMath! workbooks (chapters 1-5).

The students will be bringing their iPads home each evening. Please continue to support your child in fully charging his or her iPad each evening. This is important as we'll continue to use the iPads in school. It is also great practice for Miscoe.

Staying Connected

Let's continue to stay connected. Please reach out should you have any questions or concerns. Also, always feel free to share triumphs you're noticing in your child. We love hearing stories of growth and increased independence. We are committed to helping your child overcome obstacles and to set and work toward meaningful goals. As a parent myself, I know how tricky navigating parenting during typical days is let alone during a pandemic. Let's continue to keep the dialogue open as we move through the school year. Don't ever hesitate to contact us.