A Farewell to Arms

Ernest Hemingway


A Farewell to Arms was a novel that took place during World War I. The main character was Lieutenant Frederic Henry, who was a young American who served as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army during World War I. Henry met a nurse, Catherine Barkley and they fell in love. Soon after, Frederic was wounded in the knee in Gorizia, and then he was taken to an American hospital in Milan where he received knee surgery. Luckily, Catherine was able to work at the hospital in Milan, so Frederic and Catherine were able to spend a lot of time together while Frederic recovered. Catherine discovered she was pregnant with their child and soon after Frederic had to return to the front in Gorizia. The Italians were then forced to retreat which forced Frederic on a tough journey that tested his courage, strength, and resilience.



I really enjoyed reading A Farewell to Arms, and it was very entertaining. It was interesting to see how the love between Frederic and Catherine developed throughout the book. Hemingway incorporated a nice combination of love and war to keep the book interesting throughout. It was very well written and easy to read. I think just about everyone who would read A Farewell to Arms would be satisfied, because it is a great novel.

Favorite Passage

"When the sun was bright we ate lunch on the porch but the rest of the time we ate upstairs in a small room with plain wooden walls and a big stove I in the corner. We bought books and magazines in the town and a copy of “Hoyle” and learned many two-handed card games. The small room with the stove was our living-room. There were two comfortable chairs and a table for books and magazines and we played cards on the dining-table when it was cleared away. Mr. and Mrs. Guttingen lived downstairs and we would hear them talking sometimes in the evening and they were very happy together too."

This is my favorite passages, because it shows just how simple Frederic and Catherine's lives were when they were not thinking about the war. This passages also shows just how in love Frederic and Catherine were, because they would spend so much time together.

A Farewell to Arms Trailer

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