Current Events

By Brandon Page

Iphone 7

There is a new IPhone out it's the IPhone 7.It has alot of new features such as its really water resistant it can be soaked in water for a hour and still be fully functional.It also has better speakers with great audio and a new optical camera with a digital zoom up to 5x.Thats not the only thing they added to the new camera it also is noise reduction and has better pixels so it can have better pictures and be more clear and clean.The facetime HD camera runs 1080p HD when connted to wifi are running on data it also has a better face and body detection.The carries are AT&T,Sprint,T Mobile,and Verizon.They teaked the touch ID the fingerprint sensor responds way better it knows exactly when you touch the screen they even added a touch sensor as the home button you can’t press the home button anymore.The battery life has been extened two hours from the normal battery life in wifi it can be up to 14 hours with 3G and LTE it can go for 12 hours.They also had made it to where you could connect you IPhone 7 to a tv or computer.This is so you can show your pictures on your tv or videos.And transfer pictures to your computer and print them out.They had took out the headphone jack so you can´t plung in headphones without a adapter or you can just get the new airpods a wirless pair of headphones which or a apple product.A lot of people are freaking out about them taking out the headphone jack but apple said it makes the phone work better and function really well.Thats most of the features for the new IPhone 7 and its just the beging they will add software updates and new products.

Presidential Election

The president of the united states is either going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.Ted Cruz dropped out of the election because he was way behind and he was not going to catch up but he backs up Donald Trump because he believes that Hillary Clinton would be a terrible president of the United States of America.Bernie Sanders on the other hand disagree with Ted Cruz.He believes that Hillary Clinton should be the next president.Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are republicans.Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are democrats.Hillary Clinton has been booming lately she has been winning the last two debates while Donald Trump has been losing a lot of votes because old videos making him look bad.The last debate Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 94% guess what Donald Trump's persent was 4%.Hillary Clinton kicked Donald Trump's butt in that debate.Donald Trump started off strong but slowly falling down the hill and letting Hillary Clinton take the crown of presidency.I really don't know who will be the president of the United States of America.It could be Hillary Clinton or mabey Donald Trump I just hope we have a good president.

Terrorism Attacks

One of the most deadly and most dangerous terrorist has been dead for five years but still inspires deadly attacks.Five years back Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was going through little towns in Yemen in a two car convoy when a pair of hellfire missiles launched from predator drones ended his life and the lives of everyone in his small entourage.This inspires more deadly terrorist attacks all over the world.It's been less than nine months since ISIS attacked in Paris and it's been less three months since the attack on Brussels airport.But that's just the beginning there have been more than 1,000 terrorist attacks since the November 13 attacks in paris.And the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,and Syria.The most recent terrorist attack was the Dhaka attack in July 1,2016.At least 22 people plus six attackers were killed after a group linked to ISIS assaulted and took hostages in the diplomatic neighborhood of Gulshan in Dhaka Bangladesh.Among the dead were 20 civilians and two police officers.Only one gunman was caught and 13 hostages were saved.There are many other terrorist attacks that happen and if we don't stop them we will be losing millions of lives.


Harambe was a male gorilla who sadly died on May,28 2016.He was shot and killed because a young boy fell into the enclosure at Cincinnati zoo.The mom was not watching the boy so she did not see him jump the safety fence and fell in.Harambe went up to the boy and grab his leg and dragged him around the enclosure.The mom freaked out over reacting over the hole thing.She got a ton of hate after on facebook because a she posted a post on facebook that said “God saved my baby”.This made people mad because this would had never happen in the first place if she would have watched her son.The zoo got a little hate to for killing the gorilla but they said there was nothing they could do they had to act fast.People are still remembering Harambe there is also a memorial at Cincinnati zoo.Harambe has also became really famous on the web becoming a meme.Little jokes with him there and people wanting Harambe to come back jokes just make fun at the gorilla.Harambe will be remembered by the zoo for a long time and be on the internet forever.

2016 Olympics

There have been many records broken in the Olympics.It's the best place to.Running,swimming,shooting,and many more sports to break records.