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December 2017

Highlighted Dates to Remember (see linked calendar for full schedule of events)

PTO's Holiday Shoppe at Milne: December 7 & 8
Polar Express Night (Kids Only): December 15
Holiday Program at KG: December 19 @ 10am & 1:15pm

Holiday Parties: December 22

Students Not in Session - December 25 - January 8 (school resumes the 9th)

Martin Luther King Day - No School on Jan 15

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A flyer from the PTO was sent home with each child to provide detailed information regarding the Holiday Shop on December 7 and 8th; you can also click on the blue link below to preview the items that will be available for your child to purchase. If you did not get the form, simply click on the electronic form below.
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Parent Volunteers are welcome at the Polar Express Night, but non-volunteer adults will not be permitted. If you would like to serve as a volunteer, please email

Principal's Page

Thank you to everyone who took time to attend the recent Parent teacher Conferences & Family Reading Night! As we transition into December and January, our students will be getting ready to move on to more complex stories and will have to work harder in the area of reading comprehension. Make sure to ask your child many questions about the details and sequence of the stories you read at home. Take care to identify causes and effects and assist your young reader in making inferences and drawing conclusions. If any family would like more resources to support literacy in your home, please call me at 815-838-0542x2104 or email The staff and I are passionate about building great early readers to ensure our mission of life long learning!

The holiday season is upon us….already! Every family may celebrate this season in a different way, but I hope each Milne Grove family is able to enjoy peace, joy and love throughout this special time of the year. Thanks to all who have participated in the many collections D91 has sponsored throughout the fall, your generosity is much appreciated by many! If your family would like to pledge a non perishable food item each week to help kids in need, please see the link below to our Bags of Hope pledge sheet.

Mrs. Jaime Koziol, Principal

815-838-0542 x2104

Mrs. Cindy Dragosh, Secretary


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Please complete your survey - your feedback is important!

Use the code printed on the postcard pictured above (sent in the U.S. mail in November) and take the D91 survey using the link below to provide valuable feedback to our upcoming Strategic Plan Committee. If you do not have a code, please contact Superintendent Donna Gray at for a replacement.

5 Essentials Survey Coming Soon!

In addition to the strategic plan survey, we will be asking parents to participate in a second survey over the next two months. The 5-Essential school climate survey mandated by the Illinois State Board of Education and the feedback parents provide on this survey is part of our school’s report card given by ISBE. As a result, Kelvin and Milne require a minimum number of parent responses to receive a valid score. Thanks for helping us reach our long term goals by giving us your input on these two important surveys.

Winter is Coming!

Students will be outside for morning line up and outdoor recess as long as the air temperature is 20 degrees or above. Please make sure children have a winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf each day. If your family needs warm clothing, please contact our office for assistance.

School closings will be published on our website, sent via the InTouch notification system, and reported to WJOL &

Notes From the Nurse

I have a few reminders to pass along to assist you in the upcoming months.

1. Current Second grade students are required by the State of Illinois to have a dental exam form completed and turned in by May 15, 2017. Many of the students have completed the dental requirement but there are still a few students not in compliance with this law.

According to the law, report cards can be withheld if the dental form is not on file.

2. Many children have been coming to the Health Office for coughs, chapped lips, dry skin, headaches, etc. We are not able to provide Tylenol / Motrin, cough drops etc. without authorization and you must supply the needed item. If you feel your child will need one or more of these items, please complete a yellow medication release form and return it to school with the item to be given to your child. These items will be kept in the Health Office for administration as needed.

3. If your child has a cold with a frequent cough or congestion or requires medication for symptoms, please keep them home until they are able to be at school comfortably and without the aid of medication.

4. If your child has a rash, sore throat, pink eyes, discharge from the eyes please keep your child home. It is recommended that you visit a health professional to determine if the condition is contagious. Children with suspected pink eye or strep will be sent home. A note is required from the doctor in order to return to school.

5. Children with fevers may not return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours without the aid of Tylenol or Motrin.

6. Children diagnosed with pink eye (conjunctivitis) must be on antibiotic drops for 24 hours before returning to school. A doctors note is required.

7. Children who have vomiting or diarrhea may not return to school until 24 hours after the last episode.

8. When calling in a child’s absence from school, please give the reason for the absence, such as a cold, flu, vomiting, headache etc. this helps the health office keep on top of illness trends, gives us a heads up when the child returns to school and provides information required by the Will County Health Department.

Please remind your child to wash their hands and use good hygiene to prevent the spread of germs. Please feel free to call or stop by the Health Office if you have any questions or concerns about your child or any of the above information.

Mrs. Gilkerson, RN

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 815-838-0542 ex. 2106 or at

PTO News

December 7th & 8th: Holiday gift shop at Milne Grove will be open for students to shop during school hours.

December 13th: PTO Meeting in Milne Grove LRC 6pm-7pm

January 10th: PTO Meeting in Kelvin Grove LRC 6pm-7pm

January 16th: Frontier Soup Fundraiser begins

January 17th: Daddy/Daughter Dance Meeting in Milne Grove LRC at 6pm

January 20th: Family Paint Day at Kelvin Grove Time TBD

January 26th: Frontier Soup Fundraiser ends and current box top contest ends.

Email with questions!

Like the D91 PTO on Facebook!

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The Latest from the LRC

Book Notes

We have begun reading the 2017 Monarch Award nominated books and will be concentrating on these until the kids vote for their favorite in March. We will take a break to read one of my very favorites, “The Night Before Christmas.”

Family Reading Night

Our annual Family Reading Night was held on November 17 - everyone had a great time reading together and picked up some great new learning strategies!

Bluestem Bunch

We will be offering this after-school book club for third graders after Winter Break. Interested students will be required to read at least four of the books nominated for the state’s Bluestem Award on their own. We will meet to discuss the books from January until we vote in March. Forms will be sent home with third graders before break.

Chicago Wolves Read to Succeed

The Wolves have a newreading program! Forms have just been sent home - fill ten boxes with twenty minutes of reading each to earn a FREE ticket to a Wolves game!

Six Flags Read to Succeed

This annual program will be starting in December. Watch for forms!

Volunteer Corner

I’d like to thank Linda Hozjan, Peter Klauser, Jaime Dixon and Katie Schuldt for all their help shelving library books - this place would be a disaster without them! ~ 815-838-0542, x2122 Follow me on Twitter!
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Physical Education Feats

During December and January students will participate in many seasonal and holiday games and activities! Our 3rd graders have started to learn about different muscles they use during their Workout Wednesdays! They will continue learning all about muscles and even start to learn about how their hearts get exercise too!

Be on the lookout during the month of January for information regarding Jump Rope for Heart! Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraising activity that our school will be participating in again this year. All students will attend an assembly in January to kick off the program. Fundraising will continue through the month of January and February and we will wrap everything up with a fun-filled Jump Rope event!

Last year our school was able to raise over $11,000!

If any approved parent volunteers would be interested in helping Mrs. Draper during Jump Rope for Heart please contact her at

3rd Grade

Thank you for coming to conferences. We really enjoyed discussing your child’s progress with you and look forward to continuing to work with you throughout the remainder of the year.


§ Please read with your child over winter break and help them continue to grow in their fluency and comprehension at home.


§ Please work with your student on fact fluency for addition, subtraction, and multiplication over winter break. They need to work on accuracy as well as speed when practicing their facts. If you would like additional resources for fact practice, please visit the third grade page under math.

§ You can use the Go Math link to review lessons at home and assist with concept questions.

Go Math Website

Remind students to use the third grade website over break so they can continue working on their foundational skills. There are a variety of links that will help them increase their ability with the material that has been taught so far this year.

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns and have a wonderful winter break!

Thank you,

The Third Grade Team

Miss Johnson, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. McGreevy, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Steed, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

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Check Out the Guardians of the Green Recycling Club (created by Mrs. McGreevy's Class)!

2nd Grade

The second grade teachers want to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday!


  • Continue to practice the addition facts

  • 2 digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

  • Problem solving

  • We will introduce subtraction fact practice


  • Continue to practice the spelling and vocabulary words.

  • Some activities you can do at home are: making words, writing the words in sentences or in a story, or drawing pictures

Social Studies

  • Our new topic will be,The World Around Us. Students will learn about physical features of specific places around the world and maps and globes,


  • We will continue with our study of The Earth’s Systems

  • Students will learn about how landforms change

  • They will also learn about erosion


  • We will continue learning the lowercase letters

The Second Grade Team

Mrs. Bolte, 2nd grade teacher,

Mrs. Georgopulos, 2nd grade teacher,

Miss Podwika, 2nd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

1st Grade


  • Students will be concentrating on the phonics/spelling patterns of endings of -ing and -ed on short vowel words. Students will be learning how to double the consonant before adding the -ing ending. We will also be working on discriminating between long and short vowel words.

  • We will be focusing on comprehension topics such as cause and effect, drawing conclusions and identifying character attributes.

  • In writing we will be working on creating opinion pieces. This is a good way for students to express their own points of view.

  • Grammar will be all about using and identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives correctly in sentences.

  • During December we will be sending an at home family writing activity. Please be looking for this the first week of December.

  • Please be sure to visit the Superkids Online Fun at home to have your child practice their phonetic patterns and to increase their fluency with stories we’ve already read.


  • December/January will be full of connecting addition and subtraction to see how they are related. This will include creating fact families.

  • Please continue working on the flashcards that are sent home to help improve your child’s fact fluency.


  • Our focus in Science during the month of December will be studying and learning about the moon. We will be exploring the many phases of the moon and how it is a cycle. January will lead us into the study of sound. The students will discover how sound travels in different ways.

We wish everyone a happy holiday season! The First Grade Team

Mrs. O'Halloran, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Preboy, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Stanly, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,


At this point in second trimester we are beginning to use more of our “Kindergarten Writing” as we label pictures and create sentences. “Kindergarten Writing” is when the students write the letters they hear in a word. It helps them separate the sounds and sequence them on paper. Please be sure to encourage this kind of writing at home too. Please watch this video for more information.
The students have been working hard reading sight words along with decodable words. Keep working on your child’s word folder every night!
In Math we are working on numbers to 20. We will learn how to read, write and make sets of the numbers. The students will then begin working on adding and subtracting to 10. By the end of second trimester students are expected to count to 75 independently and identify numbers 1-20.

I hope all families have a wonderful holiday season and a great start to your 2018!

The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Adams -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

Early Learners Preschool

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events:

Week of December 4th The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter C. Cookies will be the theme of the week. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the circle shape and the number 8.

Week of December 11th The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter J. Jingle will be the theme of the week. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the number 9.

Week of December 18th The Early Learners will be reviewing the letters A, B, C, F, G, H, J, P, N, & T. They will also be introduced to the number 10.

Week of January 8th The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter I. Ice will be the theme of the week. The Early Learners will review numbers 0 to 10 and experiment with ice.

Week of January 15th The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter W. Winter will be the theme of the week. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the color white and continue to review numbers 0 to 10. They will also experiment with weight.

Week of January 22nd The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter S. Snowmen will be the theme of the week. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the number 11 and the concepts of small, medium and large.

Week of January 29th The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter M. Mittens will be the theme of the week. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the number 12 and the concept of same and different.

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, December 19th, Field Trip to Kelvin Grove School for Holiday Program at 1:15p.m. The bus will leave Milne Grove at 12:55p.m.

Thursday, December 21st, Holiday Party from 1:30p.m. to 2:30p.m.

Thursday, December 21st, Holiday Program for Early Learners Families in the art room from 2:40p.m. to 3:00p.m.

Friday, December 22 – Monday, January 8, NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

Tuesday, January 9, School Resumes

Monday, January 15, NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The PK Team

Mrs. Torkelson, PK Teacher,

Mrs. Pederson, Bilingual Liaison,

Mrs. Rishmawi, PK aide,

The Speech Spot with Mrs. Barker

Looking for some gift ideas for your child or the family this holiday season. Please consider a store bought games that reinforces language skills in the areas of vocabulary development, auditory memory, sound & letter awareness, categorization, describing , asking questions and just having fun!

For many more ideas check out the Language Games document below or visit:

Contact Mrs. Barker at for more tips and tricks to aid in your child's speech and language development!

Savvy Solutions with Mrs. DeSandre

This Month’s Topic: Raising Kind & Compassionate Children

1. Believe that your child is capable of being kind. If you treat your child as if they are always up to no good, soon they will be up to no good. If you assume that they do want to help and is concerned about other people's needs, they will tend to live up to those expectations.

2. Model positive action. What you do and say is critical; let your child catch you in the act of kindness. This can simple as helping a neighbor bring groceries in or even giving a compliment to a someone in a grocery store.

3. Treat your child with respect. This can be done by using a calm voice when requesting a them do a task such as help clean up. When they do help say “thank you” and explain how proud you are of them or even state what a great job they did.

4. Acknowledge kindness and don’t let rudeness pass. Be sure to show your child that you notice when someone does something nice for you. In addition, if your own child treats someone nicely, be sure to acknowledge and praise their effort. If someone has been disrespectful to you in front of your child, you should stay calm and still show respect. This teaches your child that when someone is disrespectful to you, you don't have to let it bring you down and you can still be respectful.

5. Understand that your child's perception of differences in others comes into play. Young children notice differences in people, just as they notice them in animals and colors of crayons, so assume the best. If your child says something socially inappropriate, it's important to explore the comment calmly. First ask, "Why do you say that?" Then you can correct the misunderstanding by more fully explaining the situation.

6. Be sensitive to messages that your child picks up from the media. Children are just as likely to imitate kind actions they see in movies and read about in books as they are to act out other types of scenarios. Be aware of the programs and movies your child watches and be available to talk about what they see.

7. Explain that calling someone names or excluding him from play can be as hurtful as hitting. If you hear your child calling someone a mean name in the sandbox, go right into problem-solving mode with both children. Point out how the child who was called a name is upset. Ask, "If you want something, what's another way you can get it without hurting somebody else?" It's also important to make sure the child who has been called the name isn't feeling victimized, and encourage your child to apologize.

8. Avoid setting up competition within your family. If you say, "Let's see who can clean up the fastest," you risk setting your kids up as rivals. "When children are pitted against one another in an effort to win at anything," Kohn says, "they learn that other people are potential obstacles to their success." Instead, you could encourage them to work together to get the job done and praise them for their group effort.

9. Show your child how to help people in need. You can encourage your child to donate a toy he/she has outgrown to the annual toy drive, while you buy a set of blocks to give away. They can also help you make cookies for a shelter and come with you when you visit someone in the hospital or nursing home.

10. Be patient with your little one, because kindness and compassion are learned and life presents challenging situations even to adults. Being a loving parent and a great role model will go a long way toward raising a wonderful, tolerant human being.


Questions? Comments? Ideas for topics? Contact Mrs. DeSandre at


All kindergarten through third grade students will be constructing a personal ceramic Christmas ornament to share with their families throughout the month of December. Each grade level with have a different theme; however, each and every one will be sure to shine and sparkle on the tree. As we move into January, we will focus on color, the color wheel, basic color blending and color relationships. Each grade level will complete several paintings with different artist inspirations, painting techniques, and color schemes. Be sure to ask your child about their masterpiece – you will be amazed at what you discover! Be sure to also notice your child’s artist statement and project description on the backside of their work. Each grade level is encouraged to vocalize something memorable about their work or the experience. We have so much fun in art – it is easy to talk about it!

Thank you for your support and interest in the art department at Milne Grove School. If you would like additional information, please be sure to view the Art Page on the district website for more art news and basic information about your child’s art education at Milne Grove. Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Cravens

Music Notes

To Contact Mrs. Randolph K-8 Music & KG Chorus Director

Email: PHONE: 815-838-0737 ext. 1140

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM (Grades K-5 & KG Chorus): T. Dec. 19 (10am & 1:15 pm)

“Jingle Bell Jukebox” (a musical with a setting in an ice cream shop) will be presented in the Kelvin Grove Gym (enter Door # 1) by all students in grades K-5 and the Kelvin Grove Chorus. The Kindergarten and First Grade will perform two songs on the stage to open the musical. Second through Fifth Graders and KG Chorus will present the entire musical in the gym on the floor in front of the stage. Auditioned Chorus members will be the cast. Morning Kindergarten will perform during the 10 am show and the afternoon kindergarten will perform during the 1:15 pm show. Students are to wear nice clothes for this performance or if you want to dress in 1950s style – girls: poodle skirts, etc.)

HELP NEEDED NOW (see dates on form below)! Parents are needed to help build sets, sew costumes, decorate and set-up for the Christmas Program. Please return the form asap!

FREE RECORDER CLUB -Fridays (8:05-8:30 am): for 3rd Grade Students to earn stickers for recorder songs passed. Advanced recorder students will have name posted on web page and earn possible recorder certificate at the end of the year concert. (CHECK WEB PAGE BEFORE YOU COME FOR DAYS RECORDER CLUB IS CANCELLED.) No appointment needed.

Recorder students can now email themselves playing recorder assigned songs to Mrs. Randolph’s email at to earn stickers during this time as we are preparing for the Christmas musical. Any student who would like to play in the 3rd grade group Jingle Bells song, should contact Mrs. Randolph to pass the song to play on the prelude for the program. Students who purchased a recorder code can start using Joy Tunes on the Internet and record Mrs. Randolph’s name as their teacher for their scores to be sent to me for advanced recognition. This is only for students who purchased a recorder code book.


F. Dec.15 (3pm) (Old Gym closed to 10pm Dec.19)(Parents & Friends help decorate program)

M. Dec. 18 (morning) During school Musical practice

T. Dec. 19 10am & 1:15pm Musical (Grades K-5 & Chorus) KG old gym

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY Fund-Raiser (Grades K-8):

VALUCARDS – Valucards ($10 each) c. 250 left – Please help us sell these last few cards! Contact Mrs. Randolph to purchase a discount card good EVERY Day until the end of May!

SAVE TABS FOR MUSIC! Please bring metal tabs from soda and other cans to school in a ziplock bag or large mouthed container and have students put in large white buckets in the hallway.

Want to Volunteer for the Holiday Program? Return this Form!

Substitutes Needed!!

If you like interacting with the kids, and can be flexible. If you enjoy different settings, and different age groups of kids. This is what you have been looking Contact Athena Dingels for details (must possess a bachelor's degree and be willing to obtain the sub teacher credential through ISBE).