Groete from South Africa!

A Wild, Wild, Trip

What did we do in Africa?

We first touched down in Cairo on July 2nd, and stayed there for 2 days. We then proceeded to hitchhike with the Congolese rebels, who gave us a free ride all the way to Victoria Falls. We then proceeded to Johannesburg with a abandoned tractor in an abandoned farm we found while foraging for food. After that, we visited most of South Africa, like zip riding in Kwazulu-Natal, diving in Cape Town, and camping in the wild near Pretoria. We spent $7016 in total, or $2339 per person. We then drove back up to Cairo, & flew back on August 2nd. The trip in total was 1 month long.

Why is South Africa a good tourist destination?

There are Many Reasons such as.....

Direct flights to Major airports in South Africa (like Durban International) are cheaper than ever from Europe & North America. Also, South Africa has some of the best wine in the world and large cities like Cape Town hold numerous travel awards. There are many things to do in South Africa like skydive off the mountains in Kwazulu-Natal or spend a day with nature in Kgalagadi National Park