Hugo Chavez


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Venezuelan President

  • President of Venezuelan until 2013
  • Was in office for 14 years
  • Decorated military officer


Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias was born July 28, 1954 into a working class family in a little town called Sabaneta Barinas. Chavez's parents were very poor, they had 7 children and had some of them live with Hugo's grandmother so they would not starve and could live a decent life. Hugo never graduated high school, at age 17 he went into the Venezuelan Academy Of Military Sciences in Caracas. This was a relatively new program in Venezuela and taught a wide selection of subjects. Chavez was part of the army and was stationed at a counterinsurgency unit in Barinas in 1976. He continued to serve in the military until 1992. He moved up the ranks and became a lieutenant colonel. Chavez was a good man and tried displaying it by getting people to rally behind him to take down the Pérez government. He was later arrested for trying to over throw Perez. A new president was elected in 1994, and he then freed Chavez. He then was elected President in 1999 and his first year in office, the people of Venezuela fell in love with him. A few years later in 2002 an anti-Chavez and they began to peacefully protest. Not soon after people he knew and trusted began ton turn on him, even military officers. Over 1 million people walked in this movement to get him to resign. The pro-Chavez people were outraged a conflict erupted and it left few dead and some wonder on both sides, this conflict spark a military retaliation. The military then took Chavez into custody. The military placed Pedro Carmon in charge. The people of Venezuela then began to fear dictatorship so faith was restored in Chavez. A vice president was elected, Diosdado Cabello, who as soon as he took office reinstated Hugo Chavez to be the president. The people still felt like he was corrupt, and in 2004 people began to protest but he assured them by investing in social reforms to benefit the people. in 2006 he was voted into office for a 3rd term. In 2009 when he was going for the reelection he shut down all opposing radio stations and cut off all stations on TV except the governmental ones. He was brain washing the people of Venezuela. Chavez remained president until his death in 2013 from cancer. Despite what many think yes he was a dictator like and corrupt but he was one of the best Latin American leaders due to the fact that he helped the country.
Hugo Chavez: "The Stupid People From Fox News"


Chavez here is in denial of his actions. He is proving the peoples opinion of him being corrupt and not willing to take reasonability for his actions. Chavez was a dictator like president and is clearly showing it here. He even denies the Holocaust ever happened. How can a man be in power over a country that is corrupt and doesn't believe in historical fact, the soul reason he has the right amount of people brain washed into believing he was a good man. He also had no respect for the channel or the man trying to interview him. This is a sign of looking down upon a person that maybe less powerful, not answering his questions, making up excuses by bringing the united states into the argument. This is a sign of corruption with in himself which lead to a corrupt government towards his ending terms.