Steven Vo

Birth Certificate

Congratulations! You have given birth to a beautiful baby chimera boy!


John Williams


Weighing: 7.4 lbs was born on; February 8, 1932

To sum what chimera means: Chimera is basically the condition of having 2 distinct cell types, don’t worry if you see patches of different skin color or different eye colors etc.

Being a chimera isn’t a bad thing, it just means that during pregnancy, a small amount of cells transferred to the fetus during pregnancy. The cells are just originated from different cells. He's healthy and there's nothing wrong with him. Just be mindful about him during school. Things like bullying tend to happen.

Dont worry, the chimerism is only between you 2, not anyone else.

Dear Diary

May 4, 2016

Happy May the 4th today, but past that, being a chimera is difficult. People always stop me in the hallways and ask why i have spots on my skin that are different then my body. I mean it's not my fault that i have 2 different sets of cells. I heard rumors of people calling me Pan, i mean im not half a animal. Gosh i didnt know a blood transfusion would make me a chimera. I mean, I'm not that crazy to get a blood transfusion from an animal. Well Im signing out, Bye.