by Brooke Fallis

Brief Summary of the Issue

Vaccination is a way to prevent millions of deaths and permanent injuries from diseases from happening. Because diseases such as small pox or rubella are highly contagious, they can cause and outbreak, and to prevent that, vaccines were created. Some people avoid vaccines because of medical reasons (allergies/other), and some avoid vaccination because of religious reasons.

People should have to have vaccinations

I believe that people of all ages should HAVE TO be vaccinated against certain diseases. I think this because if you don't get vaccinated, diseases can spread and cause an outbreak of the certain disease (such as measles, small pox, whooping cough, etc.). Not only will an outbreak of a disease cause deaths, but it will also permanently injure some.

Why do people have to get vaccines

1. vaccination have prevented millions of cases of diseases such as polio, measles, rubella, mumps, hepatitis A, diphtheria, and pertussis

2. besides death, and in the case of rubella (which went from infecting 48,000 to 17 because of vaccines), some children are permanently injured with deafness, cloudy corneas, damaged hearts, and stunted intellects

3. when you don't get vaccines it can spread and cause the disease to have an outbreak among non-vaccinated people

4. parents should not be able to opt out for personal opinions because it is very risky for children

5. some doctors won't see patients with anti-vaccine views because it can easily spread to other kids and potentially cause an outbreak of the certain disease

6. all states require children to get certain vaccinations to enroll in school because it will spread

Get Vaccinations!

Guaranteed to stop diseases from spreading

Why some people chose not to get vaccinated

1. some children carry a risk of reaction to the vaccine (redness, soreness, vomiting, fever, seizure, brain damage, death), but these reactions aren't frequent

2. some children have certain adverse health conditions, so they can't take the vaccine (autism, speech disorder, bowl disease)

3. children's parents have strong religious reasons against vaccination, so they don't make their children have vaccinations