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Have you ever try pasta?

minioqui is a type of pasta that was born in Italy, it`s made with water wheat, and flour and sometimes with eggs. it's also a very good aliment because it helps your defenses because it has carbohydrates and it's good for your digestion
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energetic value

when you see it you think it´s a fattening food but is actually a nutritious meal.Pasta is a food rich in carbohydrates, to which we must not be afraid and think that increase weight.We would recommend normally eat pasta or eat little or much

  1. energetic value. 136Kl/ 676KJ
  2. protein. 3,0g
  3. carbohydrates. 30.0g
  4. fats. 0,4g


it's made of egg, flour, butter, water, its to easy to do