Tannahill Times

February 2016

Summerhill Scoop

I hope this edition of the TIS newsletter finds each of you doing well. I want to thank each one of you for the time and effort that was invested in our tutorials during staff development.

Continue working hard and pushing our students to have a growth mindset and GRIT. When I started I heard so many people say “we want to be the flagship again.” In my eyes, we are the flagship! This is Tannahill’s year to show everyone what we are made of, and what the best school in the universe looks like!

Keep pressing on and don’t forget your why!

I thought I would add this link as a reminder where we started at the beginning of the year…Have a great day! We can do anything.

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Team Hoyt: I Can Only Imagine

Dates to Know

Wed., Feb. 3 - Thurs., Feb. 4 - Mid-Year LPAC Meetings
Wed., Feb. 3 - TELPAS Holistic Rater Training @ 3:00 in Library
Thurs., Feb. 4 - "Hearts on Fire" Dance for 6th Graders after school in Cafe
Tues., Feb. 9 - 5th Grade Math Benchmark
Wed., Feb. 10 - 5th Grade Reading Benchmark
Mon. Feb. 15 - Begin collecting TELPAS Writing
Tues., Feb. 16 - Keith Davis (Motivational Speaker) 5th @ 8:00 & 6th @ 9:00
Wed., Feb. 19 - TELPAS Beginner Rater Online Training
Mon., Feb. 22 - Accommodations Training during Team PLC
Wed., Feb. 24 - Benchmark Training @ 3:00 in Library
Thurs., Feb. 25 - 3rd Six Weeks RFF
Fri., Feb. 26 - Staff Development
Fri., Feb. 26 - TELPAS Rater Calibration
Mon., Feb. 29 - STAAR Security Training @ 3:00 in Library
Mon., Feb. 29 - 6th Grade Math Benchmark
Tues., Mar. 1 - 6th Grade Reading Benchmark
Tues., Mar. 1 - Social Studies Vertical PLC
Wed., Mar. 2 - 5th Grade Science Benchmark
Wed., Mar. 2 - Science 3-5 Vertical PLC
Thurs., Mar. 3 - Benchmark Makeups
Thurs., Mar. 3 - Writing Vertical PLC
Thurs., Mar. 3 - TELPAS Reading Assessment Training (invite only)
Fri., March 4 - TELPAS Writing due to Raters
Fri., March 4 - Dodgeball Tournament
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Lacy's Ledger

The Workshop Model:

I can’t help but notice how awesome TIS is doing with the workshop model. I am continually impressed with our staff, and I am especially loving the implementation of the yellow, green, and red flow map cards. Here are a few of my observations that are just too good not to share:

  1. Learning goals reviewed by students: I love seeing teachers ask the students to read the daily learning goals. So many of you are doing this regularly. What a great idea!

  2. TEK focal points: I have seen teachers point out which part of the TEK is the focal point for the week. It is incredible to witness students retain and retell the focus within the opening of the lesson while using the correct content vocabulary.

  3. Framing the objective: I love the idea of providing a “so what” and “so why” to drive your learning goal home with your students. What a great opportunity for critical writing too!

  4. Creative titles and fancy arrows: Thank you for taking the time to title your workshop model flow maps and include fun-looking arrows. These little additions set you apart in a nice way.

Overall, TIS staff is the best, and we couldn’t be more proud of you! Your ideas are top notch and come together beautifully!

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Message from Mielinski

Testing season is upon us and some of our students are feeling the strain of test anxiety. Remember...our attitude and mannerisms speak volumes to students on test day. Keep it positive and light! Here are a few tips to help your students reduce anxiety and do their best!

Positive Self Talk
* I can do this! * I know the material! * I have practiced this! * I don't give up!

Close your eyes and picture yourself doing well on the test. This will boost confidence!

Muscle Relaxation
Begin at your toes. Tighten and clench them for three seconds and then release. Work your way through all the muscles in your body until you have tensed and relaxed them all.

Deep Breathing
Sit up straight and put your hands on the top of your head. Breathe in a full breath through your nose for five full seconds. Then breathe out for seven seconds. Repeat until you feel relaxed.

Get Silly
* Think of something funny! * Get out the wiggles - dance, shake, move around
* Raise your hands above your hand and act victorious! * Force a silly laugh!

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