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our generation of teens in 2015

tennaers in 2015

in 2015 our young generation have evolved from school boys to pot head from young girls to mothers. our generation has expirenced more then we should from drugs to sex to being arrested. being a young person in my generation is hard im either trying to fit in or dip and dodge drama. we are to worried about what people think and trying to change ourselves to fit in a certain crowed no matter if its people like you or people not like you. our generation has taught us how to not be ourselfies. we fight for it ion school where we are not allowed to express ourselfies or our thoughts.

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our education setting

us young people dont take our education very seriously there are some who do and some who dont and i feel like those are the people who spend most of there time high or drunk. i feel like if our education setting and we could motivate kids to believe and try in school our generation wouldnt be so hard thinking and make stupid choices . the least people we have in jail or dropping out the better our generation in important and its our job to make the world good and to continue the generations although we dont have a problem with making babies if you couldnt tell by the teenage pregnancy rates. and dont get me wrong im not gonna down teenage mothers because some of my closest friend are mothers and there inspiration to me. if they can be a full time mom and still go to school and graduate then i know honestly anyone can its not that hard!