Welcome To The New Planet Ekaj!

The only other planet discovered to have life!

Our long lived day is here!

Finally! We have found a planet with life! This planet is still very different then ours. It's Sun is a blue star, it's 70 times farther from the sun then Earth, it's 8 times bigger than Earth, and it has volcanoes, plate movements, water, and producers.

Grand Opening!

Friday, July 18th 2053 at 12pm


First 1,000 people there get a free home on Ekaj!

Other Info

  • Ekaj's axial tilt is the same as earth so we have the same seasons just a season is much longer than on earth.
  • Ekaj has three moons meaning that the tides will be much greater/ smaller/ spread out.
  • Since Ekaj is eight times greater than Earth, the gravity will be stronger so you will be uncomfortable for a few weeks.
  • Ekaj also has a beautiful, enchanting ring system that you can see from any part of the equator.

The Founder

Dr. Jacob G. Weinberger is a world class scientist who after years of study found the only other planet with life, we will always remember this amazing discovery.