The Business Bulldog

A Business Makeover Show starring Diane Warshay

Diane Warshay is the Business Bulldog

Diane is a business makeover expert. In this dynamic reality series, Diane meets with struggling entrepreneurs and small business owners who are desperate for her help. With her Wall Street savvy, expertise and tough love, Diane turns around failing businesses.

Diane is glamorous but not afraid to get her hands dirty in pursuit of the big idea. She is the ultimate fixer helping make dreams come true.

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Smart Makeover Shows Work

The runaway success of Robert Irvine’s show Restaurant Impossible on The Food Network proves that audiences enjoy entertainment that also has utility.

Mobile Office / Bat Cave

Mobile and Local: Diane travels the country scouting for interesting entrepreneurs in her mobile office – RV.

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German Performance on Top Gear for £750,000

Diane's support staff

The show could feature a behind-the-scenes team of hip strategists who help Diane advise entrepreneurs and small business owners.
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Girl Power rules here. Diane’s uber-assistant and analyst are brilliant and dedicated but also have a wild side.

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Diane’s Chef / RV driver is also her martial arts instructor.

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Episode Concepts


Diane transforms a failing women's boutique and turns it into a glamourous destination.
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Water for Kids Makeover

Diane rebrands a struggling vitamin infused water and converts it into a stylish "kid friendly" beverage.
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Night Club Makeover

Diane visits a nightclub impressario who needs to bring sexy back. She redesigns the club's interior, bottle girl outfits and drinks menu.
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Diane revamps a tired shoe company into a fashion forward stiletto business.
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Diane kicks a struggling pumping-iron gym into a cutting-edge fitness business.
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Beauty Makeover

Diane performs a facelift on a beauty bar and creates a modern brand.
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Diane rolls over an old-school pizza business and explodes it onto the food cart scene.
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Vodka Brand Makeover

Diane remixes Marquis Vodka's recipe and rebrands the business with a "female" appeal.

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Green Makeover

Adrian Grenier meets with Diane and her "entourage" to create excitement around his eco-friendly web venture, SHFT.
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Diane helps an up-and-coming pastry chef turnaround her donut business. She wins the Dunkin Donuts Challenge.

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Diner / coffee bar makeover

Diane turns a failing diner into a hip and trendy coffee spot.
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Maternity Makeover

Diane transforms a maternity clothing line from "frumpy" to "fabulous".
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Diane finds a young couple in the heartland with a brillant dog food idea but no business skills.

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Diane storms a military base looking for soldiers with great business ideas who need help.

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High interactivity between viewer's mobile devices via Shazam and Lisnr.

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Red Bull Supernatural Snowboarding

First person POV

Diane and the show's entrepreneurs wear Google Glasses for high-impact, first person POV.

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DVF [through Glass]


The Business Bulldog will be optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.
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The entrepreneurs in each episode can sell their products in real time.
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BUSINESS BULLDOG's "very own" branded Crowdfunding platform will highlight the show's entrepreneurs and encourage donations.
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shoppable website

Products created by the entrepreneurs and small business owners will be featured and sold on the show's website.
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sponsor friendly

Programming that empowers and promotes entrepreneurs and small business owners is very appealing to large corporate sponsors and advertisers. Banks selling small business loans and credit cards, mobile phone companies selling wireless services, big box retailers selling office supplies, and large cable operators with small business support packages are just a few of the natural tie-ins.

Further, content that encourages entrepreneurship and promotes job growth is at the top of the national political agenda.
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Ms. Warshay is Managing Partner of Warshay Capital Partners, an Investment Bank focused on Investment Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions, Turnarounds and Private Equity. She has vast investment, financial and operational expertise in the consumer products, media & entertainment, financial services, real estate, luxury, sports, digital media and alcohol & spirits industries.

Ms. Warshay is also the Co-founder of the "One Week Startup", an online Entrepreneurship School and Incubator, as well as, the Co-founder of Futurlogic, an early-stage Venture Capital firm.

Previously, Ms. Warshay was a Managing Director and Partner in the Private Equity Group of the National Bank of Canada where she was responsible for sourcing, evaluating and investing in media & entertainment, technology, sports, asset management, specialty finance, and consumer product companies.

Prior, Ms. Warshay was a Senior Business Development, Motion Picture and Television Executive with 2929 Entertainment, a Mark Cuban / Todd Wagner company, which holds substantial assets of the noted entrepreneurs including the Dallas Mavericks, HDNet and Landmark Theaters.

An avid athlete and fashion lover, Ms. Warshay designed and manufactured technical clothing for Spinning and outdoor cycling, as well as casual sportswear. Her fashion inspiration dates back to her college stagiere working for Yves Saint Laurent in Paris.

Ms. Warshay earned a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business Administration.

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