5th Grade News

August 22, 2014

Mrs. Crenshaw's and Mrs. Lillich's Class News


1. All 5th grade classes are peanut-free zones.

2. Please check your student's homework/parent communication folder and agenda every night.

3. Back to School Night is Wednesday, August 27th from 6:00-7:30 pm on the Pebblewood Campus.

- Mrs. Crenshaw and Mrs. Lillich will present together in Mrs. Crenshaw's room.

- You can choice one of two sessions to attend.

- First session: 6:00-6:40 p.m.

- Second session: 6:45-7:30 p.m.

- Parents will have an opportunity to see student work in both classrooms the last 10 minutes of the sessions.

Crenshaw's Homeroom/Language Arts/ Social Studies News

Our year is off to a great start! We have been getting to know each other by writing and sharing letters as well as discussing how we learn best. We have also participated in some fun cooperative learning activities such as building a spaghetti tower! Students have been very responsible by discussing and creating classroom structures in order for all learners to be successful this year.

Students have taken their STAR Accelerated Reading (AR) tests, received their AR reading log, and should be reading their first AR book of 5th grade. If ALL 26 students reach their trimester goal, the students get to launch whip cream pies at Mrs. Crenshaw and Ms. Wilhelm!

Students seem to be excited about writing. They started their own Writer's Notebook and brainstormed ideas and topics to write about such as best events and worst events.

Some students also enjoyed sharing their stories with their classmates!

In Social Studies, students will be starting their first short project. Students will become familiar with the basics of Geography by creating a globe and answering the following Essential Questions:

- What is the importance of using latitude/longitude to locate places?

- Where are the continents/oceans located relative to each other?

Steps include drawing/labeling lines of latitude and longitude and plotting continents. I can't wait to see the finished products!

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Mrs. Lillich's Homeroom - Reading

Students have taken their STAR Accelerated Reading (AR) tests, received their AR reading log and first trimester goal, and should be reading their first AR book of 5th grade. Please check to be sure students are reading 30 minutes a day and logging their reading in their AR folder. If ALL 28 students reach their trimester goal the students get to launch whip cream pies at Mrs. Lillich and Ms. Wilhelm!

Lillich's Math and ScienceNews

Math - We have been using our Math Notebooks and Math Folders. Please encourage your student to use their Math Notebook daily to re-read the notes taken in class and to study math vocabulary. They will use their notebooks every day and should take them home every evening to help with homework. We are working on learning Place Value and we are practicing reading, writing, and saying large numbers and building a strong foundation in number sense. Students should be practicing their multiplication facts regularly. Each student has a multiplication table in their math notes and one in their Agenda. Next week we will begin Estimating, Rounding, and Ordering Large numbers through the billions place. We are kicking off Accelerated Math soon, as well as IXL, Khan Academy, and more! Students will be placed in differentiated math groups in the next few weeks based on assessment data we are gathering.

Science - Students have a Science Notebook and a Science Folder. Please encourage your student to learn science content vocabulary and this is always something they should review in their Science Notebook throughout the year. We have started our unit on Magnets and Electricity. Students will be performing experiments using their Cooperative Learning Group jobs to construct their knowledge on magnets. We cover 4th grade science and 5th grade science this year to prepare for CA Fifth Grade SCIENCE STAR test in May. The students are excited and ready to learn in Science.

Pebblewood Campus Back to School Night (Mrs. Lillich & Mrs. Crenshaw presenting together)

Wednesday, Aug. 27th, 6-7:30pm

Mrs. Crenshaw's Classroom

There will be 2 presentations. We are hoping you will be able to attend one.

1st Presentation 6:00-6:40

2nd Presentation 6:45-7:30

Mrs. Lillich's Homeroom

We may get a class pet! Look out for a Google Survey in the coming weeks!