Economic Development and Trade

In a World of Change and Growth By: Isaac

Where I Stand- Economic Development and Trade

Our world is divided by differences such as culture, religion, values, race, etc., but we recognize that in order to progress as a species, we must come together to share our ideas and goals. This is because although individuals all posses great ideas and goals, at the same time, lack something fundamentally important that someone else possesses, so it would be wise for us to forge our different attributes into one striving force.

Economic Development and trade is about the planning and communicating of leaders to organize and structure the community of the people that they lead. It is also about the interest of the people, and what they are achieving for. Further more, turning attention to other communities, and communicate to gain in some way.

Economic Development and Trade is something that is certainly something that is vaulting the fence of Ontario, Canada. This is evident by all the construction sites that have sprung around the various cities of our humble province. New schools, Casino, residential infrastructures, shopping centers, road expansions, etc, and although these infrastructures do benefit our community as a part and whole, we also have to weight the cons. Negatives such as noise and physical hazards of the construction process, Environmental turmoil (land dominated for structures), pollution (those of the structure, and those produced during the process of making the structure.), etc.

These concerns are mainly to be contrasted to the pros, and see which is of more prominence. Noise and physical hazard poses a threat to nearby residents and vehicles that pass by, furthermore stealing the silence and peace, replacing it with the sound of drills, hammers, etc. Changing the proportion of structures to green space, less roaming area for many animals, loss of habitat, etc., pollution, bio accumulation of toxins that contaminate our reserves of water, soil, air, etc

Ultimately, the final judgement should be made in regards to which one is more beificial, and whether the action would cause irreplaceable damage, or be a once in a millinium opportunity.

Where I Stand- Education

A system has been developed where trained instructors systematically inform individuals who attend a specialized facility of matters deemed important why a committee of specialists. Education is not limited to the former school how ever, it can be on the web, papers, books, PSA's,etc. Education, ultimately, comes from any influencing factor. The variation is a the degree of education, strategy of delivery, and the morals and ethics behind the material. Education is something that has lost its seriousness and importance in the minds of many teens, further more, many openly and deliberately cause mischief or serious offence. What is of concern is that students don't realize or consider the importance of academic success in a competitive world. The government needs to wipe the sugar of the glass and start imposing some more serious strategies to make students reshape. Students need more discipline and order. Another matter of concern is the safety of these students from within and outside. The mental, physical well being of these students needs to be monitored, events that occur outside of school hours.

In general, students need to have more support, and a new perspective.

Where I Stand- Research and Innovation

Research and innovation is the exploration of theories and dreams without much concrete support. It is the exploration of what is unknown, using what is already known-with a touch of imagination. The concern with research is its intentions, and the means of verifying the theories and means of reaching the goal.