Budgeting My Money

Josalyn Jado

Where do I live?

I live in Los Angeles, California.

What is my occupation?

For a living, I am a surgeon in California.

How much do I make a month? How much do I make a year?

I make $21, 663 a month, and $324, 944 a year.
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How much does my apartment cost?

My apartment costs, $2,350 a month. I live at the Palazzo Communities in California.

What car do I have? How much does it cost?

I have a 2014 Jeep Wrangler. It costs, $376 a month.

What is my gas bill for my car?

In a month, I will pay $150 altogether for my gas price. I will refill me car with gas once a week.

What are my food expenses?

I will pay $135 a month for my food expenses, so that I will buy the ingredients I need to cook food.

How much do I spend on household expenses?

I will spend a total of $75 on household items.
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My soap costs $18 for five bottles from bath and body works.

How much does my Cable, and Internet cost?

I have dish for my cable, and AT&T for my internet connection. It costs $80 altogether for a month.

How much does my cell phone bill cost each month?

i will have an IPhone 6. I will also have at&t and it will cost $95 a month.

How much do my electricity and heat expenses cost?

My electricity expenses cost $40 per month. I won't have heat in my house since I will be living in California.

How much do my clothing expenses cost each month?

I will spend $175 shopping for clothes each month.

How much do my entertainment expenses cost?

I will spend a total of $115 on my entertainment each month.

How much will I have to spend each month for my Miscellaneous Expenses?

I will spend $1, 500 on my miscellaneous expenses. I will have three dogs which are going to be a German Shepherd, Doberman, and Husky, and I would have to take them to the vet for their shots. Also, I will have to pay the loans for my medical school. I'm going to get a hair cut once in a while. Finally, I will have to pay for my insurance, and plus maybe I will go out to eat with my friends.

How much money would I save each month?

$16, 532 of my money each month will go into savings.
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