Mrs G's Classroom News

December 11, 2015

Classroom Management

We are definitely feeling the Holiday excitement in third grade! Next week is going to be fun and exciting! Please read the information below carefully to find out all the good things that are happening!

Tuesday - December 15th we will start creating our costumes! Students are free to bring items from home if they wish, but I will have plenty of materials that they can work with. It would be great if your child could plan on wearing clothing underneath their paper created costumes that correspond with the part your child is playing. For example - humans should wear winter gear, trees = brown pants and green shirts, squirrels = brown pants and shirts, cardinals = red shirts ETC. Please don't feel you have to go out and purchase items! We can make anything work!

Thursday - December 17th we will perform our Holiday play three different times throughout the day. 9:55am,11:15am and 1:40pm. Pick a time that works for you and invite grandparents and family to attend! Michael Glen Monroe - "A Wish to be a Christmas Tree's" illustrator has committed to come to one of our performances! I am excited to see his reaction to this classroom's production of such a fantastic book! It is the book's 15th anniversary this season. Maybe there will be a chance to purchase a signed copy for your child!

Thursday - December 17th we will have a pizza party at lunch time. YES WE WON AGAIN!!!! Seriously! Mrs. G's students will eat lunch in our classroom and we will enjoy pizza and other items, listen to Holiday music and enjoy some Holiday GoNoodle experiences! Please have your child bring their own drink in for this special lunch!

Thursday - December 17th after our last performance (around 2:10pm) we will have a short Holiday celebration. At this time we will take class photos from our play, make a special craft and listen to a Holiday story as we wind down and get ready for art class that will begin at 2:55pm.

(Parents are welcome to attend lunch and/or the Holiday celebration if you wish!)

Friday - December 18th Students can wear the PJs and we will spend a large portion of the day reading and relaxing. They are also allowed to bring their own devices in. We will use them to read and do other educational activities that are Holiday themed. Don't have a device, or your not wanting your child to bring one to school yet? No problem. We have a lot of extra and they will be covered! Students will also enjoy a movie courtesy of Mr. Yates. They can bring in pillows, blankets or stuffed animals as long as they can carry their items all by themselves!

Writing Workshop

This week we covered strong leads, effective endings and how to repeat a word for emphasis. We will start revising and editing and hopefully publishing next week. These personal narratives are turning out great.

We had a special visitor on Monday this week. Charlie Rubin, a former Hornung student and a vet who served in Iraq for a few years came by in uniform to share his experiences of serving in the army. The kids learned a lot about the military and absolutely loved him. He stayed and hung out for the majority of the day and even went out for recess with us!

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Reading Workshop

We finished our character unit this week. We read the anchor text "Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel" written by Nikki Grimes. We made many connections and comparisons with this book and "Because of Winn Dixie". As we finished our book club books, we discovered that many published author's choose themes to write about that children can easily relate to. When we return from break we will begin our mystery unit!

Word Work

We worked on Unit 10 this week. Students practiced the 5 core spelling words and worked on the /j/ sound. Students sorted words according to their phonic rules. They also did 4 activities at for this unit.

We implemented The Hour of Code this week as well. Students were introduced to computer science topics and had the opportunity to learn how code works and write their own. The excitement and engagement I witnessed during these lessons were magnificent! If you want to learn more about coding and what your child experienced go to

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We have been singing up a storm in math this week. We practiced the 4, 6 and 7 songs. We were introduced to the 8 & 9 songs. As your child to sing them to you. This method of learning the songs works! They will know their math facts well! You can go to to hear the songs. No need to download - the sample they provide is the chorus and that is all they need!

We also are finishing up unit 4. I am hoping to assess next week before we start our Holiday break. The test will occur on Wednesday if things go as planned. If not we will do it on Friday. Look for a study guide coming home at the beginning of the week next week. If you want your child to get some extra practice have them log into their accounts and practice the multiplication skill builders or any other multiplication skills listed.

Social Studies

We learned more about Michigan Native Americans. We have listened to more of Birchbark House and have discovered the specific names of the tribes that settled in the Michigan area before the settlers came.