The Birth of King Arthur

And King Uther's affair

King Arthur

King Arthur is the British king whose legends evolved during the Middle Ages. As king, Arthur gathers together a group of knights who "fight for justice and establishes the Knights of the Round Table" ( He is in search for the Holy Grail.

How King Uther became King

Uther was one of three sons of Constans, the King of Briton. Upon Constans' death, Vortigern became king, but was soon defeated by Uther and his brother. Merlin, "a valued advisor" (, had predicted that one of the brothers will be wounded in a battle of the Saxons. "As foreseen, Pendragon was killed and Uther succeeded to the throne" ( In honor of his brother, his took his name, Pendragon.

The Birth of King Arther

King Uther ruled most of Britain, yet he lusted after Igraine, wife of a Duke. He tried to keep his wife away from King Uther, but Uther's lust was too strong. He went to Merlin, who was "a magician born of a mortal women and a male member of ancient faerie race" ( When the Duke was away fighting a battle, Merlin struck a deal with King Urther. He changed his appearance so that he took the form and figure of the Duke. Because of this, later that night Uther had his way with her. That night, Arther was conceived.