Miners Wanted

Leadville, Colorado

Skills, Duties, Challenges

Skills: If you want to be successful as a miner then you need to be able to work long days and work hard every time you are in the mine. You must know how to mine and how to use the different tools to get these materials out of the ground.

Duties: On the job you will be in the mine working all day with the tools that you need to be able to get the materials out of the ground. At first we will be doing placer mining and we will be using picks, shovels, and other simple tools. A day in the life of your profession would be really hard and long but if you work hard and give it your all the payoff could be big and worth all the time you put in. You could also be the one panning the materials after they have been mined you could be doing many different jobs each day it will just depend on what all needs to be done that day on the mine.

Challenges: You will have to overcome pain because you will be working really hard and long days. You will face a couple of challenges and those could be that you might get hurt or get strained out because of all the hard labor. Also mines can collapse when you are inside so you could die. There are a lot of risks that you will take if you are a miner but if you are successful then the money could be really good for you and your family. Also another challenge is that people form together here and go find and punish wrongdoers and these people are called vigilante committees.


The positives are that the money could be really big like you could be making the best money as a miner if you are successful. It is a great adventure to be mining because it is a lot of excitement to find these materials and seeing what you found. If you do good enough then I will over you some benefits and pay for like food, housing costs. It will just depend how good you do and how much money you make me.


We will be working in Leadville Colorado. It could be the biggest payoff out of all the places to mine in the world. This job could also take you to other mines that I could own in the future and I would have you run that mine which would be even more money for you. You could be in many places in the future it just depends on what we do now and how much money we consume.

This photo shows the town and land in Leadville Colorado.

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This photo shows a bunch of people in the town of Leadville preparing to mine.

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By: Christian Montgomery and Dylan Hinkle