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Robber only steals jewelley no matter what!

The Robbery

This book is called Robbers and the story is “The Classiest Thief in Manhattan”. This story took place in New York the most luxurious hotel located on the fifth avenue and central park . The important characters in this story are Barry, Mr and Mrs Aronsohn. The conflict of this book is that the robber Barry steals only jewellery no matter what he sees he only goes for jewellery because they cost a lot of money .The resolution of this book is when the cops arrest Barry when Barry sees the news and he tries to leave the house but the cops were outside of the door so Barry got arrested for 19 years in prison.

The robbery song

I chose this song to represent my story because this song sounds sneaky and it fits my story perfectly. Another reason why I picked this song is because this song is famous and this song can also help me show that Barry is sneaky. Something else is that this song is proper for this story what I mean by this that it is matching the robbery and the people in the story.


Pink Panther Theme Song by bambichangmin