Sara Aldrete

AKA "La Madrina"

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Brief Bio On Sara Aldrete

-Full name: Sara Maria Aldrete Villareal

-Born on September 6, 1964

-Status: Alive

-Went to high school in Brownsville, Texas, United States, while still living south of the border, and gained resident alien status so she could attend Texas Southmost College.

- She was known among her peers as a good student.

- Not much out of the ordinary while growing up

Life Prior to Murders

-Was a good student; Healthy social life

-No work experience; Went into drug trafficking

-Met Adolfo Constanzo in Matamotos while living with her mother after divorcing her husband of 5 months; got involved in his drug ring

-Only arrest was after commitng murders

-Said to have " become a wiith overnight"

Mental State:

-Considered to be normal when murders happened


-Involved in cult with Adolfo; initiated her into his cult, which was a conglomeration of Santería, Aztec warrior ritual, and Palo Mayombe, complete with blood sacrifices

-Believed rituals and sacrifices would protect drug ring

Capture / Detainment

Aldrete was convicted of criminal association in 1990 and jailed for six years. In a second trial, she was convicted of several of the killings at the cult's headquarters, and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Interesting Facts

-She is still alive (currently 50)

-She is 6ft 1in

-Wanted to be a physical education teacher after college