Civil Works Administration

Established in 1933

What was this program intended to do?

It was established to create jobs during the Great Depression. Many people were without work but this gave them manual labor jobs during the winter.

Who was the program intended to help?

During the Great Depression many people went jobless. They could not provide for themselves or their families. This program was created to give temporary jobs. The workers built schools, bridges, and roads

Does this program fall under the Relief,Recovery, or Reform program of Roosevelt's new deal?

This program was both a relief and a reform of economic institutions. Creating this program gave relief to the people being highly affected by the Great Depression to get paid and have a job. This also got new roads, Schools and bridges built. This helped the economy.

Was this program successful?

This program that was created helped a lot of people out. It was a benefit to the economy. Even though the CWA did not last long it made a big impact.

Is the CWA still existing>

The program was only intended to provide jobs during the winter of 1933-1934. The program ended in March after spending $200 million per month and providing four million people with jobs.
Public and Civil Works Administration

Summary of video

This video wrapped up our flyer. It told about the starting date of the program and the great outcomes. The also created playgrounds, cleaned parks, and shoveled snow during the winter. The wages per week were around $6.50-$15.00. The program was led by Harry L Hopkins. The CWA was replaced with the WPA because it was said to have a longer term than the Civil Work Administration.