@JV September Newsletter

do u dare to dream?

do u dare to dream? - wake up and go out from your comfort zone

Areas Updates

Finance's Challenge

The finance's challenge came to an end: there were some weeks of thinking about how to make R$30 multiply. Applaud the TM team, they won an IXP discount for the effort. All teams united achived:
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IXP discount

Talking about IXP discount, now it's time to REalize your dreams :) The FEE that MC charge is lowering according to how much MA happen! The closer we get to our goal (13
experiences), CHEAPER IS THE FEE. This is only for GCDP!
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GIPo Rules

Look at some of the achievements of GIPo this month. They were awesome! Let's get inspired by them.

MKT Challenge

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And that isn't all! If you have more than 153 subscribers, you earn 1 absolut.

MKT closed a new partnership. Meet Adm Univille Jr at:

RG Picture

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member of the month

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team of the month

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LCP 2016

The present and the future LCP of @JV. So proud of you (clap clap clap) :)
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EB 2016 (clemon pie)

Do you saw this e-mail?

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If you want to be a part of the Executive Board of AIESEC em Joinville, run to your e-mail, read the Job Description, the Booklet and challenge yourself!!!! You are the future of @JV. Make it happen. DDL: 15/10.

Happy birthday to...

Roll Call of the month

Roll call MC Dynamo Driveco 2015

@JV next events

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Our city next events

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With a design based on the format "The Harold ," the Circle show brings an unusual proposal of humor for improvisation lovers . Audience suggestions serve as a stimulus for the improvisers on stage to create some scenes. Finally , one last scene form the "circle" because it aims to unite the scenes presented on the show so far. During the show , the actors need to fit the suggested topics and use all their imagination to make it make some sense into play ...


Do you got a question about how to complete the assessment? Do you know where are Team Minimus materials? Want to know or give a suggestion for the next training? We want you to remember about the TM SAC! Just send an e-mail to tmaiesecjoinville@gmail.com and one member will assist you as soon as possible! Use without moderation.

See you next month!