Marshall Newsletter

December 14-19

Semester Exams Starting Monday, December 14th.

Semester exams start December 14th. Monday-Wednesday there will be two exams and one exam on Thursday and one on Friday. Please note that Thursday and Friday are early release days (see attached exam schedule at the bottom of the newsletter).

  • Exams will be virtual except for students who are contacted by their teacher to test on campus. We will select students to attend in person if it is agreed that in person testing would benefit the child.
  • Students have a completion window for their exams. We are using exams to show semester mastery. Please ensure your child(ren) is logged into Schoology and completing their exams all week.
  • If your child is struggling, this is an essential opportunity to get support and back on track, receive credit, and positively move towards 2nd semester.

Exam Schedule

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Special Note: Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Only students who are invited to take an exam 4th or 5th period will physically be on campus on Wednesday. If a students is on campus for their lunch period, they have the following choices:

1. produce a parent note to the attendance office to leave campus.

2. report to the cafeteria to complete work they are missing or report to a teacher to make up an exam or complete work. Students who complete work with a teacher will need to be released to the cafeteria or they can be released to a parent through the attendance office.

Intervention Folders

Teachers provided students with intervention folders to continue to catch up on work that they may have missed. These folders will remain open during Winter Break. We are through the first semester. If your child needs more time to complete the work, he/she can log in and complete it during break.

Also, continue to reach out to teachers, counselors, and administration for support, questions, concerns, and celebrations.

Important Attendance Information

Your child can have no more than 8 absences in order to gain full credit. Regardless if a student earns a 70 or higher, he/she will not earn credit if they have more than 8 absences in the class. Please take a look at this video and guide to check your child’s attendance. Contact your child’s teacher for more information or questions about absences in that class.

Here is a quick video showing how to check grades and attendance in HAC.

Yearbook Sales

Yearbooks are still on sale for $55 until December 18th. You can purchase your yearbook at

HAC Support-Attendance

Student Devices

If your child currently has an iPad and is needing to switch it out with a Chromebook, please go to the Marshall website and fill out this form:

If the student is an in-person student, we can switch out the device on campus. If the student is virtual, Marshall staff will contact you via email to set up a date/time when you plan on coming to pick up the device.

3rd Nine-Weeks Start (refer to the letter attached)

We will continue to pause and NOT add more students in the building through at least the first week of January (Jan. 4- Jan. 8) 2020.

Check email regularly for updates from school. If you need to update your email, please contact