By Kris


You will be forgiven if you think all planets are lifeless gray rocks,but here are some planets you will only find in your wildest dreams.

Firstly,TrES 2-b is a planet located 750 light years from earth,and is one of the darkest things in the known universe,reflecting less than 1% of light.Furthermore,this planet is burning at an astonishing 1,100℃,giving it a look of burning coal.Scientists can’t explain TrES 2-b’s darkness,but a widely accepted theory is that light absorbing gases make up most of this planet’s atmosphere.

Secondly,when you complain about weather on earth,be glad you’re not on HD 18977 3B,where it constantly rains glass sideways.You may be asking yourself,how does somthing like this happen?Well curious reader,this planet has a silicon heavy atmosphere,and an enormously high temperature,and so the silicon turns into silicon glass,that then circles the planet,locked in its gravitational pull.

Lastly,GLIESE 436B is a planet located about 30 light years from earth,and if you are a Star Wars fan,you would say to keep warm,you would cut open a tauntaun,because this planet is just like Hoth,except for one little detail,it’s constantly burning at about 500℃.You may be asking yourself “How does something like this possibly exist?”Well curious reader,i’ll tell you.This planet’s gravity is so unbelievably strong,that when the ice melts,the water particles are compressed together,turning it into a solid again,so this planet is in a perpetual state of melting and freezing.

In conclusion,I hope I have changed your opinion about the final frontier,by showing you these wacky planets,and I hope you have learned a lot from this essay!

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