The Barometer

Where Do You Fall?

What and Why

The Barometer activity is an excellent activity for participant engagement. The participants are able to "choose" a side and place their opinion on the scale. This activity is an excellent way to determine the general position of the room. It also affords everyone an opportunity to state their position on the topic without being heard. The activity lets participants choose where their opinion falls on a continuum. They must determine if they are totally against, totally for, or somewhere in between. They have the chance to express why they chose the specific placement on the barometer. This can be done before, during, or after lessons. Enjoy!

Give it a try!!!! Think about your opinion. Watch the video and place a note with grade level and initials on the correct line to the answer of this question

Barometer 1 - Should a student who does not meet grade level standards be retained? Do you believe in retention or social promotion?
Students Passed with Failing Grades and the TSA too

Three more to try!!!

Barometer 2 - Should observations or student performance be used to evaluate/rate a teacher?

Barometer 3 - Should the efficacy of a teacher be based 100% on their class or combination of the class and school performance?

Barometer 4 - Is a school "GOOD" if they have high proficiency scores or large academic growth?