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Written by Tessa Alexander

Should children in schools be able to chew gum in class?

Imagine receiving a piece of gum from a friend on the way to class. You walk in. Many students walk into class with gum in their mouths. some are told immediately to spit it out, and others, well chewing gum in their classes are accepted. The truth is, chewing gum should be aloud in schools to ensure pure concentration.

Chewing gum in class helps students stay alert. Many times in my classes and I'm sure in yours as well, students have trouble staying awake because their concentration levels are so low. Chewing gum causes jaw movements which helps students stay awake and concentrated in class. According to a study by Kathleen Melanson from the University of Rhode Island, chewing gum raises your metabolism by 20%. This raise shows a "direct link between physical alertness and chewing gum." Even though this is a strong piece of evidence, some people believe that gum is an unhealthy habit and that it causes tooth decay, but have you ever thought that chewing gum "is a healthy option to avoid overeating." So gum really isn't bad, its just a simple way for kids to be more focused in school. With more focused activity comes better test scores! So next time you have a piece of gum, think about the benefits that piece offers.