Talking Motion Picture

See a movie! Hear a movie! Enjoy a movie!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1920 poster by Paramount Pictures available to public domain

Silent movies are a thing of the past!

New technology:

  • Sound-on disc systems
  • Movieton System
  • Phonokinema

New "Talkies":

  • The Jazz Singer
  • The Sheik
  • Dream Street
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

New Actors:

  • Al Jolson
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Rudolph Valentino

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Al Jolson in Rhapsody in Blue trailer by Trailor Screenshot available to public domain

Attend a "talkie" for $0.27!

Advancing technology

  • Leopold Fregoli began the act of talkies by talking and making sound effects behind the screen.
  • Thomas Edison's kinetophone helped spark the idea of projecting sound on screen.
  • Western Electric helped Warner Brothers create one of the first "talkies" with the use of their sound-on disc system.
  • Fox's Movietone system was the ultimate boost in the future of motion pictures.

Fox Movietone by Twentieth Century Fox available to public domain

New talking motion pictures are gaurenteed to give you a new movie watching experience!