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M. Wilson 7

My Portfolio Purpose

I made this portfolio because I like to be creative and artistic. And show my progress in class. And growth in my work so everyone can see.

Sun Shadow Sentences

I am like a jaquar because i am fast.

Inwardly im like a circle because I never end.

Reflection of persuasive essay

My strengths as a writer are strong and weak. My strong side is that I can set a good suspenseful tone to the story that would make you want to read. My weakness is I have a hard time staying on topic from time to time.

My favorite Quote & Response


"To me every hour of light and dark is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle." -Walt Whitman


How the clouds and stars take turns changing.

A time that i was glad i am alive is in the football game. When I cross the goal line I smell sweat from my teamates jumping around me, I feel glory, and Touch and rubb on my jersey for my celebration dance.

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Antigone Biopoem


Brave,Loyal, Trust worthy

Related to Ismene and Oedipus

Lover of Haimon

Protects her rights and her family

Who needs justice


Michael Wilson

Everybody takes advice from the people with knowledge. Why not take advice from basic people with common sense? People who value self-reliance define it as a need for each individual to follow his or her own instincts and ideas. People should make their own decisions because they have a chance of being right, and they know what’s best for them. The best way to learn is from your mistakes.

First, making your own decisions can make you feel more comfortable. Nobody else should know what’s best for you and your life decisions. Listening to experts and people who are trained isn’t the best option all the time. We also have the right to do what we want and take advice from who we want. You shouldn’t listen to anybody who hasn’t been your situation before.

Making your own decisions for yourself can help you and other individuals. Antigone tells Ismene, “That must be your excuse I suppose, But I will bury the brother I love” .That proves she is brave enough to go against the law. And she is making her own decisions, and isn’t listening to anyone else.

However, some people believe making their own decisions is best for them because they know what’s better for them; nobody knows you better than you. If you think you are right, then go with your own decisions. People with knowledge is more likely not to make mistakes, people with common sense already made mistakes and learn from them. So people with common sense would probably know how to handle the situation better. Your decisions benefits you the best.

What did I do well? and what do I need to work on?

I think i did well on my writing i believe I increased my skills on staying on topic. What I need to work, is using more transitions words on my essays.