Mars Habitability

Ellise C. Dietz


Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. it's left of the asteroid belt and has a bright red shade. many people think Mars can eventually hold life, human life. I kind of agree

Why we explore mars

We explore Mars because we honestly think life existed on Mars, we believed that little marshin men ran around doing who knows what on mars, due to the marks all over . We now know that we have no sign of life. that doesn't mean we doubt life is there yet we are simply, unsure.

How we could settle on mars

We would need a few things are are a few decades ahead of us. We would need a kind of tent that would keep the temperature around the people inside to about the normal standards of earth. We would also need a way to farm on the rocky planet of mars. Not to mention the settlers would need a way to farm, and need enough food for children. We would also need a way to transport items if they'd need it. So for now, Mars will be a distant dream.

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