Catherine the Great

The best ruler around

personal information

Born: May 2, 1729

Died: November 17, 1796

Origin: Russia

All about Catherine

What she wanted to do

Catherine the great had many different achievements she wanted to accomplish during her reign as Empress of Russia. She wanted to Embrace European culture, add lands to the Black and Baltic Sea, expand Russian boarders, and focus on enlightenment during the Age of Absolutism.

What she accomplished

Catherine had many accomplishments during her time ruling. She set policies to reach her goals. Catherine signed the Partition, which divided up Poland to rulers of different countries. In doing so, she accomplished her goal of expanding Russia's boarders. She also abolished torture, so she could accomplish her goal of having enlightened thoughts during the age of absolutism. Finally, she made free education programs for both boys and girls, which also helped her accomplish her goal of having an enlightened way of thinking.