by: Nathan Payan

What are some basic skills?

To be a producer you need to be:

* Organized

* Responsible

* Creative

* A leader

And you need to be good at handling pressure.

What types of activities are done?

* Hiring the cast

* Supervising the film

* Creating motion pictures, television shows, live theater and other perfoming arts productions

They also get the last say on the film if anything needs to be changed.

What are the working conditions and physical demands?

The work is mainly officed based but sometimes producers go to other studios and also go meet with possible cast members. They are under lots of pressure.

What are the work hours and travel?

The work hours can be long but it depends on the production. Producers travel all the time because they have to supervise the production and the production could be filmed in multiple places.

What are the educational requirements?

You need good experience in the film industry. You need knowledge of the production process.

What is the average annual wage?

The average annual wage is $71,350 per year, Which is not that bad.

What is the future outlook?

The future outlook is 3% which is below average so that is not good at all.
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