The American Dream

Sarai Alonso

What is the American Dream?

The American Dream is when someone works as hard as they can all their life and gives their all to eventually have something they can feel proud of for doing or for having

Components to the American dream

  1. Accomplishment
  2. Independence
  3. Happiness

My American Dream

My american dream is based off of my parents' american dream. Their dream is for their hard work of coming to this country would pay off so that their kids could have a better life than they did. My American Dream is to get my doctorate in microbiology so I can make enough money to own a big piece of land where I can make a family of my own and in that way realize my parents' american dream.
Being able to own my own piece of land and raising a family of my own would give me that sense of independence because I would know that what I have earned is mine. Earning my doctorate would be a huge accomplishment because of all the effort and hard work it would take. Both parts together would be a way of realizing my parents' american dream and that would bring joy to me because I would have help realize their dream.
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The double horseshoe is a symbol that represents my dream because it represents the simple and peaceful lifestyle on a ranch which is the ending and the most important part of my dream. It is what comes at the end after all the hard work to get there