New Land for Tejas for Sale!

Only $1.25 an Acre!

Everyone is coming to Tejas! Come before land runs out!

Why You Should Come to East Tejas!

The land of East Tejas has great soil is good for farming and ranching. The taste of the crops is delicious as you swallow the food. The ground smells like dirt. The land is also very cheap! The head leader of the family can take up as much of 4,605 acres of land. You can see the land across the world! If your country doesn't give you permission to have what kind of religion you have you can come here and have a new start. Also, if you come to Texas you would be free, you would have the right of freedom.

More Reasons Why You Should Come To East Tajas!

If you don't have a job or need money to raise your family, come to Tejas. If you are afraid of not getting employed for a job, we can guarantee you a spot if you have applied for the job before you came here. You will hear the sounds of a bell every morning. Also, we promise to buy Eastern land of Mexico to make our land even bigger.

Ways We Can Solve you Worries!

If you're scared of getting droughts when you move to Tejas, we can easily solve that problem. If you come to East Tejas there are many rivers. The rivers feel like a breeze of wind rushing through your fingers. If you are scared of Indian attacks, we can build forts to protect your family. Also if you're in debt in your country, no worries! If you come to Tejas, we will take care of your debt problems.