FETC 2013

Technology Resources for Educators

Fast Forward, What's Next?

TECH Thinking

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This Year FETC Partnered with EDMODO

Anyone can learn from this conference, use the six digit workshop code to JOIN the Edmodo Community for materials shared on site and afterward both by presenters and attendees!

Mobile Devices and Assessment

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Symbaloo- A custom dashboard web tool for ALL of your resources in one place!

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WOW-Find Amazing Resources & Keep Your Lesson Files/Media Organized in Digital Binders.

Check out this site for shared resources in all education topics!


FETC PDF-Workshop Topics

1) Review the list of topics


2) Connect to a learning community in EDMODO

Simply join a group using the workshop number.

WMA016-------------------------THIS is the EDMODO CODE!

Digital Teacher: Online Tools to Study,

Organize and Succeed

Twitter and #Edchat -Building Your Professional Learning Network

SEARCH TWITTER-Simply type #fetc to see what was shared during the conference.

Twitter Glossary

Like all social media, Twitter has its own specialized vocabulary. Here’s a list of some of the more familiar terms you’re likely to run into.

  • @reply — a reply to another user
  • DM — stands for direct message, but use D to start a direct message, not DM
  • Failwhale — graphic that appears when Twitter is over capacity
  • Hashtags or # — marking a word as a keyword
  • Retweet (or RT) — repeating another’s tweet
  • Tweeps — people who follow you on Twitter
  • Tweet — sending a Twitter message
  • Twitterverse — the Twitter community
  • Via — instead of using retweet, use “via @username” when you paraphrase another’s tweet