PVE Friday Focus

Friday, November 13th, 2015

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Week in Review

Veterans Day always represents one of the biggest events of the year for our school. Last year, we moved to two ceremonies due to capacity. This year, we started to see each of those sessions start to fill up a bit more. It was great to see such a great crowd, especially with a higher number of Veterans attending.

I would like to sincerely thank our Veterans Planning Team at PVE. The work and organziation of our great team are the backbone of why this endeavor is a great one!!!

Our speaker this year taught us all some important lessons. Here are some behind the scenes things that occured in preparing for this day. I thought I would share some of these pieces of why this man represents the greatest generation so well.

He visited our school over a week ago as he wanted to see the facilities. MIchelle led him around and showed him our place. I was unable to visit with him at that time as I was home ill (he came at 4:30 in the afternoon). He remembered this and asked how I was doing. He also submitted his speech five days prior to ensure we were all comfortable with the words and the theme of his speech. At 90 years, when he doesn't have to care about anyone or anything, he showed me careful compassion in handling this opportunity with great professionalsim. May we all learn from this great man.

A letter of thanks from a Veteran who attended our program this week---

Mr. Smith,

While I was checking my work e mail tonight I reflected on the Veterans Day Program that my brother and myself attended at Pleasant View Elementary on Wednesday.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire Team on an absolutely wonderful Veterans Day Program.

Your program not only achieved an outstanding level of excellence, it also went off the charts on enthusiasm.

My brother and I are both Vietnam Veterans and I can tell you that the reception we received upon returning home was anything but enthusiastic.

You can be very proud of what you accomplished with your program. It meant more to us than we can express in words.

It is no surprise after visiting your school why so many parents want their children to have the exceptional learning and cultural experience that you and your Team provide.

Best Regards,

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Looking Ahead

As we look ahead at our calendar, we have seven school days until Thanksgiving Break.

Monday, November 16th-3:00 Pre K/Miss Seymour's class-Adventure Center/Rock Wall

ZCS Football Team to pick up canned goods 11:30-12:30

Tuesday, November 17th-First Grady Good Hygience and Germs Day

Wednesday, November 18th-Lifeskils Convocation: 9:30 1st and 2nd, 10:30 Pre K and K, 1:45 3rd and 4th.

RTI-8:00 Conference Room 1

Thursday, November 19th Pre K Swimming.

12:00 ACR-Conference Room 1 PreK (Dawson)

Friday, November 20th

8:15 Instructional Coaches meeting 8:15 in Adventure Center

11:30-4:00 LIteracy Coaches in PD Room at PVE

From Kathy and Carly

Mini EDCAMPs are 20 minute teacher led discussion sessions on a topic of your choice. You choose the topic--taking back your own PD! These are informal sessions that do not have presenter or a fancy PowerPoint. Just real teachers talking about real topics! Watch this short video about EDCAMPs to learn more! https://youtu.be/I7DwCI7j0Bg

Please sign up below with your name and an area that you would like to explore further. Then also include a professional area that you would feel good sharing your experiences.


Thanks—Kathy and Carly

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Upcoming Birthdays!!

Rene Frye November 14th

Melanie Bowlin November 17th

Kim Gray November 20th

Tracy Vermillion November 20th

Dan Layton November 23rd