by Sela Leong

Examples of Biotechnology

What is the role of DNA in biotechnology?

DNA is the genetic material the controls the functions of cells. ]Biotechnology is technology to manipulate DNA.


How is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

Biotechnology is used in an industrial process that used the scientific research on DNA for practical benefits. The genes of the organism are changed in the process to create something beneficial and aren't combined back together.


How is biotechnology used in the health industry?

Biotechnology is based on biology. It helps processes to develop technologies and products to to improve our health. It helps create a product or vaccine made up of DNA that would not naturally occur together happen. Penicillin and insulin are examples of medicine created by this.


How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Biotechnology is used in agriculture to modify and and improve plants and animals so they can live better and we'll have more uses for them. Scientists use these organisms and breed them together so we'll need them more.


How is biotechnology use in enviornmental clean up?

Biotechnology are the sewage systems that break down chemicals in water to make the water cleaner before returning it to a body of water.


Negative impacts of biotechnology?

There might be a development of harmful chemicals, loss of biodiversity, and mutations of wild species or the creation of "super species".


Research centers in North Carolina focused on biotechnology

Medical Summary

Biotechnology created vaccines which doctors or people in the medical field, give the patients the vaccines and that's how they earn their money to live. They also make their money from organ transplants which was also created from biotechnology.


North Carolina's National Rank

Ranked 5 in bio-engineering and biotech schools.