By: Gable Bass

Background Information

WW2 was a battle between countries that truely devestated everything. we will begin with our two main forces... Allies (Great Britan, France, USA, Russia) and Axis (Germany, Japan, Italy). these were the main countries in the war.

5 random facts

  1. More German militia were hurt by frostbite than bullets.
  2. Only 1 out of 4 men on u-boats survived.
  3. Nazi military killed 12,000,000 people but only half of them were jews.
  4. Henry ford was a strong supporter of Hitlers acts.
  5. Canada made more trucks than Germany, Japan, and Italy COMBINED

some main people in the war

Ways it Affected Texas

  • It gave the wemon (and men who wern't in the military) a chance to work and make a difference in their country.
  • The demand for supplies of food gave farmers hope that they could make "big money"

Reasons Why I Chose WW2

  • really interesting topic.
  • first use of NUCLEAR weapons.
  • I like learning about wars

The war was from September 1,1939- September 2, 1945


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