Mrs. Seevers Class

Sept 23, 2015

Mr. Nyberg's Math Challenge

I want to congratulate the students who have passed Mr. Nyberg's Math Challenge. They have been working very hard in speeding up their ability to rapidly say the math equations. Those who have passed their addition facts and have moved on to multiplication are..Zane Sander, Kaydence Janzen, Dawson Ireland, Michelle Ruiz, Karis Warner, and Mylene Elkshoulder. Many more will be joining them soon. Keep working hard with your children to help improve their rate of speed when responding to their answers.

Mad Math Masters

Mad Math Masters

Winner of the Ugly Bug Contest

Dawson Ireland entered a Wheel Bug and below was the description he told about his bug.....

I found an ugly bug it's scientific name is Arilus Cristatus. It has super long legs that connect to a body with a large wheel like structure on its back. This wheel like structure gives the ugly bug its name. It has wing's that feel like leather. It has a beak with two pinchers. It eats other bugs with its teeth. Their bite hurts ten times more than a hornets sting. They carry around a stink bag on their butts. My ugly bugs real name is wheel bug.

Dawson's bug has been sent to OKC and the 19th Annual Ugly Bug Finals being sponsored by the Oklahoma Microscopy Society.

Student of the Month..Vallerie Vaughn

Vallerie is a very sweet young lady. She enjoys the book Dork Diary and likes gymnastics. Her favorite color is teal and she has one brother and one sister. When she grows up she wants to be a singer. I'm so glad to have Vallerie in my classroom.
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