By Kaylee Allan

Keep our lakes litter free!

If we decrease the amount of litter we will have more beautiful lakes to swim in. It also reduces the chance of animals chocking because the animals think its food, so they try to eat it then they end up choking.
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Many people litter because they are too lazy to look for a garbage can, so they just throw trash on the ground thinking it won't do any harm, but it will. It will create a major effect on our community and our environment. It’s so harmful because when it rains it will drag the litter that people left into the gutters then it will wash away into the sewers, and if it gets into the sewers it will eventually end up in streams,lakes,and oceans. If we get litter in our water source the water will get contaminated, then we wont have any water to drink.In the article ‘Illegal Dumping & Litter’ it says. “Carelessly discarded garbage affects every member of society: it causes harm to people and animals, damages our waterways, cost us money and suggests that we do not care for our environment.” You should never litter, because in the end you're the one that punishes yourself when you litter. Some of the ways we can help keep our environment clean is to report any litter bugs, and pick up any litter you see. Make sure you're trash cans have tight fitting lids you can also keep a litter bag in your car and hold in to any litter that you found and wait to find a garbage can to dispose of it properly. Also share with others how to dispose of trash properly. According to the website called ‘Litter Prevention’ it says, “Encourage your neighbors, clubs, co - workers or families to Adopt-A-Road or join in an area and clean up.”So take matters into your hands to protect your environment. We could also put papers in a bag before we put it in a recycling bin. Adopting an area can also significantly reduce future litter because people litter less in maintained areas.


Raise awareness to the whole school and we could join as one force and clean the littering in our school. Some examples are: going outside and cleaning up the schools yard,and picking up any trash that we see laying around in our school.


When you litter it suggests that you don't care about your environment, so unless you want you water to be filled with the things that you litter then that's your choice.