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For the week of 2/26/18

Texas Independence Day Friday

Friday March 2nd is Texas Independence Day. On March 2, 1836 the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico was adopted. 4th grade will be celebrating this day by dressing in our finest western wear. :)

Grading Policy Update

Students who receive a grade between 70 - 79 (on assignments that don't require school resources) are able to make corrections on the assignment at home and return the assignment for up to an 80. Corrections should be made in pen and original answers should not be erased.

Important Dates

3/2 4th Grade Texas Independence Day Celebration

3/9 Titan Trot

3/12-3/16 Spring Break

Our Learning Targets

Reading: We can identify the texts' structures. (cause/effect, comparison, sequence, description, and problem/solution)

Writing: We can write compositions that include simple, compound, and complex sentences.

Social Studies: We can identify the purposes and explain the importance of the Texas Declaration of Independence and the Texas Constitution. Students may wear western wear to help us celebrate!

Math: We can compare and order decimals using concrete and visual models to the hundredths; we can relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths; we can determine the corresponding decimal to the tenths or hundredths place of a specified point on a number line.

Science: We can demonstrate that electricity travels in a closed path. We can create an electrical circuit. We can explore an electromagnetic field. We can differentiate among forms of energy, including mechanical, sound, electrical, light, and heat/thermal.

Spelling List for the week

possible, heart, real, simple, humor, relief, planet, detail, unite, frozen, figure, siren, protest, punish, defend

Bonus Words: prologue, auditory, audition, procedure, progression

Second Step

Solving Problems, Part 1

Following steps can help you solve problems. Saying the problem without blame is respectful. Solving problems helps you be successful at school.

Students will be able to:

- Recall the S: Say the problem step of the Problem-Solving Steps

- State a problem without blaming anyone

Looking for Second Step Home Links?

Classroom Supplies

Some of our classroom supplies are running low. We are in need of Clorox wipes, baby wipes, glue sticks, and ultra fine tip black Expo markers. As always, we appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks in advance. :)

Classroom Shutterfly

The Room Reps for our classes have put together a Shutterfly site for our classes. If you haven't joined yet, here is the information:

Shutterfly Information & Photo Sharing Site - Did you know...

Our Averitt / Torres class has a Shutterfly site!

The purpose is to help keep you informed, track calendar events and messaging as well as collect & share photos from classroom activities!

If you are interested in access, please contact us, or click this link to request access:

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