The Red Cross Founder

Taelyn Edwards, December 8th 2014, period 4

Clara Barton Once said...

"Economy, Prudence, and a simple life are the sure masters of need, and will often accomplish in which, their opposites, with their fortune in hand, will fail to do.

~Clara barton

Interesting facts!

  • Clara died at age 91, three days before the Titanic sinking
  • Clara Barton is the founder of The red Cross foundation
  • Clara was a nurse and a humanitarian
  • Clara was born in Massachusetts and was a school teacher until, democrats won the presidency in 1856
  • Clara was so close to the battle field that while she was tending a patient, a bullet ripped through her sleeve and hit her patient.
  • The Red Cross provided relief in Pennsylvania
  • Clara helped identify thousands of missing soldiers, including identifying the dead at Andersonville prison in Georgia
  • Clara also helped in domestic crisis and several foreign wars

I Think...

I Think Clara Barton was an Amazing impacting person. She had a heart of gold and was willing to do anything to help anybody in need. She helped so many people in need and even now she is still impacting our world today. Not only was she just a nurse, she was the founder of The Red Cross Association. Clara Barton is and always will be a great woman of the world!

Why? How?

Why did she work so close to the battle field, during the Civil war?

She worked close to the battlefield so that she could get to them quickly and help them sooner.

Why did she decide to help the injured in the Civil war?

She was a very caring woman who spent her life helping people in need.

Why did Clara decide to "create" The red Cross?

Clara was willing to risk her life for people in need. She was a giver.