Certificate in Leadership Studies

For Undergraduates at the University of Kentucky

There is no application process; simply tell us that you want to join!

The Department of Educational Leadership Studies & the Department for Community and Leadership Development now offer an 18-credit Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies. We are proud to announce that we are currently accepting students for Fall 2014.

There is no application process; simply tell us that you want to join!

The Certificate is completely flexible to meet the demands of your schedule. See the frequently asked questions below.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies will prepare you to lead, live, and work in an interconnected and interdependent global community. You will improve your understanding of leadership and develop skills needed to lead in your field through a series of rich, leadership-focused courses.

You will master new skills and benefit from a credential, that, alongside your major and/or minor, shows your dedication to, and experiences in, leadership.

Is this a great resume builder? Yes. Employers want and need trained leaders. No matter what your field, understanding leadership and refining your leadership skills will put you ahead of the pack.

How flexible are the course choices? Very flexible! The Certificate has four key leadership pillars consisting of multiple courses. You may pick which course with each pillar best fits your needs and interests.

Are the courses online or face-to-face? Both. You can opt to take some or all of their courses online, face-to-face, or mix and match.

How does this fit with my existing program? It's a perfect fit because it’s easily coupled with existing programs. Up to nine credits can be applied from your existing course of study. And students who study abroad can apply up to nine of those credits to the certificate.

To be part of this experience, or if you have any questions, please contact the Faculty Directors: