The Right Macular Degeneration Cure

The Right Macular Degeneration Cure

Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of vision loss in people above the age of 60. This disease usually affects people in their older years and causes a number of problems with the eyes. Macular degeneration occurs when the macula which is the central portion of the retina deteriorates. Since this condition is most commonly found in people after a specific age, it is also referred to as age related Macular degeneration.

Although blindness is something that is very rarely associated with Macular degeneration, the amount of damage it causes to the vision of a person is intense. Macular degeneration is classified into two main categories. These include

#1 - Dry Form: This form of Macular degeneration occurs due to the presence of yellow deposits called drusens in the eye. The drusens in the eye affect the vision of a person and interrupt with the focusing capability. When avoided these drusens increase in number and can lead to tissue damage. It can thus cause blind spots in the eye. When this condition is avoided for a long time a patient could lose central vision.

#2 - Wet Form: This form of Macular degeneration occurs when an abnormal growth of blood vessel accumulate under the macula. This could be caused due to a leak in the blood vessels from an accident or an injury straight to the eye. This is a more severe form of Macular degeneration where a patient could lose central vision permanently.

Wet form of Macular degeneration is not as common as the dry form. However, when the dry form is avoided for a long time it could slowly develop into the wet form.

Macular degeneration could be heredity condition and can be passed on from parents to children. If your parents suffered from Macular degeneration, it is essential to get your eyes checked from time to time to ensure your eyes are healthy. There are a number of advantages of regularly visiting your eye doctor. The sooner this condition is identified, the easier it becomes to cure it.

Apart from being hereditary, Macular degeneration is also associated with people who smoke; suffer high blood pressure and high cholesterol and obesity. It is also noticed that people with light coloured eyes are more likely to suffer Macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration can be identified with a simple eye exam. Since there is no cure for this condition, the sooner you begin treatment, the better it is for your eyes. The treatment options include oral medication which helps to prevent the formation of drusens in the eyes and helps clear the vision. Oral medication is something that is best used for patients with the dry form of Macular degeneration. The wet form might require immediate surgery in order to prevent further eye damage. Always consult your eye doctor and ask him to recommend the right Macular degeneration cure for your eyes. It is essential to follow the instructions a doctor provides to maintain good eye health.