Origami Owl



A big shout out to Kaci Smith and Angie Melton on your promotions to Leading Designer!! I am so proud of both of you and so excited to see where your business takes you!

Top Sales January

1.) Angie Melton $857.95

2.) Kaci Smith $437

3.) Tracy Harrill $424.10

Top Sales December

1.) Angie Melton $1673.35

2.) Susan Baynard $1467.65

3.) Chelsey McCreary $653.90

Those are some amazing numbers! I am so proud to see each and everyone of your work your business, share your love for OO, and make extra money :) Hope you all are having lots of fun with your work!

Customer Service

Are you doing Customer Care calls? I challenge each of you to follow up with your customers. Call them, make sure they love their jewelry. I do this with all of my customers, usually 2-3 weeks after they have received their items. A lot of my calls generate another sale. I have called and had a few customers who had issues and had never called to tell me. By me following up with them I was able to help them fix their problems and keep them as a happy customer. Make those connections and friendships with your customers. Make sure when they think of Origami Owl, they think of you, their Origami Owl Lady.

Important Resources

I know how crazy life is and it can be a challenge to sit down with extra time but I promise you if you take a few minutes once a week and read through the files on our team page as well as the documents in the back office it will help you grow your business. There is tons of amazing info located in these two places. I promise you that you will answer questions that you never even knew you had if you read through these sections. I am available to each and everyone of you whenever you need me. If there is a certain area of your business that you have questions with or feel like you are struggling with, please call me, email me, message me on Facebook so I can help you with those specific areas. I can not read minds so please let me know how I can help you.

If you are in need of some great business ideas and motivation check out these two great books: 1.) The Barefoot Executive by Carrie Wilkerson 2.) Become a direct Selling Super Star by Mary Christensen. These two books are filled with tons of motivation, business tips and much much more. I have a copy of Barefoot Executive if anyone would like to borrow it.


We all have amazing Facebook business pages!

A couple reminders:

1.) Posting every 3-4 hours will generate more page views. By generating higher page views you reach more potential customers and more potential team mates

2.) Make sure when you are using images from other places that they do not list another designer website info. This could confuse your fans, they might see the picture, want to order and type in that website info to order. It is perfectly fine to use them with watermarked/creators name on them but do not use them if they have another website. Contact me if you have any questions about this.

Team Meeting

How does 3/22 2pm at Village Coffee work for all of you? I would like to get as many of us together as possible to hang out and learn some new things. This is a tentative date depending on how many of you can make it. Please let me know :)


We have had two new team mates join us! A big welcome goes out to

Traci Hariil Mentor Angie Melton

Chelsea Painter Mentor Kaci Smith

Welcome to our team ladies! I am so excited to watch you grow on this amazing journey.