Ms. Craig's Classroom News

September is almost over!

What's Going on in Class

In social studies, students will be learning about regions and deciding where they would build a company. In Language Arts, the skill of the week is problem/solution. In grammar, students are working on sentence combining. Spelling pages are for the week are due on Friday morning of the week :)

In math, we will be continuing our data representation in Topic 15. We will be finishing up looking at stem and leaf plots and then beginning studies of scatterplots. There will be a Topic 15 test on Tuesday, September 29th.

In science, we are looking at the physical properties of matter, including mass, solubility, density, etc. We will be looking at boiling point, freezing point and melting point later in the week.

Also, if you could start getting camp forms turned in, that would be awesome!!!

What's on the Schedule?

Be in the Know!

9/23 Book Fair Preview Night

9/23-10/3 Book Fair

9/29 Topic 15 Math Test

10/12 Student Holiday

10/16 Camp Forms Due

11/16-11/18 5th Grade Camp