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General Guidelines of Internal Citations

Internal Citation (Also know as Parenthetical Citations)

-Placing source information in quotes after a paragraph

Source information depends on two things.

1. Upon the source medium

2. Upon the source entry

Author Page Style

-Authors last name and page number must appear in the text.

-Authors name may appear in the sentence.

-Page numbers should always appear in parentheses

Citations: Print with known Author

-Print Sources are like books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

-Provide signal word and page number

-If it is provided, there is no need to put it in the parenthetical citations

Citations: Print with no known author

-Use a short title if no known author

-Place title in quotation marks if it is short.

-If long, then put in page numbers

Citing authors with last names

-When two or moer authors have the same last anme, provide both authors' first initials

Citing a work by multiple authors

-You list the authors name in the text when a source has three or less authors