Need Volunteer Hours???

Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

Do You Need Volunteer Hours? Special Offer!

We ended up with a lot of extra boxes of chocolate from the fall sale. Many of you have said that you need volunteer hours for this school year. Well, we have the perfect solution! We are offering 2 volunteer hours for every box of chocolate that families sell. Pick up and sell as many as you would like! Just check them out at the office. There is no excuse to owe for your hours at the end of the year. What a great deal!

Fundraising Survey

Please respond to the following questions to help the school decide what type of fundraisers we should do and when to do them.

Por favor conteste las siguientes preguntas para ayudar a la escuela a decidir qué tipo de recaudaciones de fondos hacer y cuándo hacerlas.

Holy Rosary Fundraisers - Spanish

Fundraising Survey - English

Please respond by November 2nd. If you would like a paper copy of the survey, please contact the office.

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