Austria-Hungary Gov. Infuriated

Franz Ferdinand Brutally Murdered!

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and His Duchess Assassinated in the Streets

After countries racing to be the biggest and best, betraying each other through new alliances, imperializing lesser countries, and having countless patriotic rebellions, Austrio-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been shot by Serbian Gavrilo Princip! What next, a war between all the world?
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Flamethrower for Sale

Bought for a total of $10,652, infamously bad General McKinney is selling one flamethrower (3042-51798 inferno model).

England Attempts to Take Over Yet Another Country!

Persia desperately scrambles to win under fire while English commanders refuse to back down. 37 killed, 482 injured, reporters will keep on the look out. "Live for something rather than die for them shtenkin' people," as said by the legendary war general and incredibly awesome leader Littlejohn.

America and Russia Join the Allied Powers

The countries America and Russia, both armed with high military power, join the Allies in war against the Central Powers. What more will happen?

Theorists Cracked the Code!

Militarism, Imperialism, Nationalism, and alliances all contribute to the wars! Militarism helps on the battlefield, while Imperialism and Nationalism have put countries to war against each other. Lastly, alliances between countries are providing for even larger wars to break out!